It is more than a month since Chaturbate announced they would be allowing broadcasters to stream the video games they were playing, as long as the game was on a short-list of games that have agreed to be on CB.

At the time of the announcement, there were not many choices, but more publishers have signed up since the announcement and there are now six pages of games to choose from. With 20 games per page that makes for plentiful choices, but much of the time it is choice of the same choice again and again.

They are mostly cartoon-adult games of one kind or another, where you have a story to play and there are nude figures on the screen for you to interact with.

Log Jammers on Steam is the only popular non-nude game on the list.

I didn’t see anything like CandyCrush, Tetris, puzzles, word games, or even 2048 which would be more my style.

There are no descriptions of the game so if you don’t recognize the names or if you can’t make anything from the thumbnail images then you are out of luck. It doesn’t even say if games are PC or Mac.

Have I missed something great in this list I should try?

I’ll admit to being somewhat reluctant to download an executable from a company I have never heard of. Where are the web-based games?

Still, with Plexstorm out of business this may be the only place for gamer girls to get nude and play games for tips.

Here is the full list I’ve seen so far. As you can see even the most popular are not exactly that popular.

Game nameViewers
House Party31
Anal Masters28
Juliet Sex Session11
HuniePop 2: Double Date9
FemDomination 27
Cloud Meadow6
Dreams of Reality6
Warlock and boobs6
Virtual Succubus5
Cage of the Succubi4
Fleeting Iris4
Guilty Pleasure4
Leanna’s Slice of Life4
Lewd City Girls4
SpunkStock: Music Festival4
Summer Memories4
Log Jammers3
Koikatsu Party3
Log Jammers3
Luna in the Tavern3
Apartment #692
Book of Korvald2
Lisa and the Grimoire2
Sex or Treat2
Succubus Stories2
Virt-a-Mate (VaM)2
Fetish Locator Week One1
Harem Hotel1
Night Party1
The Adventures of Kincaid1
False Myth1
Nemo’s Whores1
Oral Lessons With Chii-chan1
Scars of Summer1
Trials in Tainted Space1
Bite the Bullet0
Coffee Crisis0
Demons Rise Up!0
Fetish Locator Week Two0
Honey Select Unlimited0
Island SAGA0
Karryn’s Prison0
Midnight Ride0
POSTAL 4: No Regerts0
Paradise Lust0
Tear and the Library of Labyrinths0
Third Crisis (FREE)0
True Love ’950
Venus Hostage0
Bell Master0
Content Creator’s Internet Adventure0
Country Girl Keiko0
Dungeon Coup0
Fantasy Dating0
Guild Project0
Hero’s Descent0
Karryn’s Prison0
Lilian – the beginning of the end –0
Lost Case: Monster Girl Takeover0
Love Sucks: Night One0
Love of Magic0
Magical Waifus Academy0
Meltys Quest0
Monster Girl Hunt0
Perverse Incentives0
President Yukino0
Sunrise City0
The Curse of Kubel0
WIld Life0
Carnal Coup0
Corruption of Champions0
Disillusions Manga Horror0
Dreams of Desire: Definitive Edition0
Hero’s Descent0
Honey Select Unlimited Extend0
Hunt and Snare0
Love of Magic0
Meltys Quest0
Perverse Incentives0
Shera and the Three Treasures0
Succubus Farm0
Tales From The Unending Void0
Tiny Talos0
A House in the Rift0
College Craze0
Crisis Point: Extinction0
Euryale’s Gambit0
Future Fragments0
Kinky Fight Club0
Love Vibe: Aria0
Lust from Beyond0
Pervert Action: Timelapse0
RaiOhGar: Asuka and the King of Steel0
Reign of the Succubus0
Swing & Miss0