I read that a viewer was unhappy with a cam girl not responding to their tip for an oil show.

After waiting for a response, the viewer messaged the cam girl who took a long time to respond and ultimately didn’t fulfill the request. The viewer believes that if a cam girl offers something on their tip menu, they should follow through with it.


As a cam girl, I understand how frustrating it can be when viewers tip for something and it goes ignored. However, it’s important to remember that we are human and can’t always keep up with every request. It’s always a good idea to ask first and get confirmation before making a big tip.

For smaller tips, you might tip first and ask afterward but only if it’s okay with you that it doesn’t work out and the request is not fulfilled.

While it is good business for a model to always respond to a tip in reality it is hard to be 100% on that. Sometimes we get distracted, and commonly we are looking at multiple screens or multiple sites at the same time.

For myself, I’m often writing and when a tip comes in it will be several seconds before I can get my attention from what I’m doing to the chat window. When you add in the buffering delay that may mean you will see 30 seconds or more pass between you tipping and my responding.

That is why ultra-low-latency streaming is a helpful thing, and why the almost face-to-face of a Skype show can really make things easier.

Do you realize how much lag there is for a typical cam girl chat room? It depends on the technology and is outside of my control.

That means when you tip and don’t get a response it could be for so many different reasons that you really need to give the model the benefit of the doubt, and probably should do your best to communicate better with them.

I’m happy when a viewer tips a small amount to get my attention, then chats with me to say what they want before making a larger tip for a specific request.

Try that way out if you are having difficulty with getting a response from a cam girl when you tip her.

Let me know in the comments if this is a problem for you and describe your situation.