Apparently, it is too hard to explain what being a cam girl is really like so here is another mainstream article, this one based on a mainstream TV documentary that totally misrepresents what a cam girl job is like.

It isn’t all baked beans nor are £500 pound tips a common thing.

How much is that “Elle Wood”, the cam girl who is interviewed, exaggerating, and how much is the TV show on the newspaper trying to make it look more fantastic?

The article is here:

And a promo for the TV episode is here:

It seems the whole series is about earning money through sex work as the episodes cover OnlyFans, Porn, Cam Girls and Sugar Babies.

This episode is about a model who broadcasts on Studio66 or which is a small UK-focused cam site. Perhaps they are trying to get some more views for their product, in which case good luck to them.

Are you a British cam girl? When is the last time you got a £500 tip!? Let me know what you think in the comments.