Stripchat are following up on their addition of new “activities”, which are promises a model can make about what things she will do in public, private or exclusive private chat, but allow custom activities. These are then visible to members as “categories” roughly speaking and mean you can search and browse for models who can do particular things that interest you.

“Create the most intimate experience with personalized activities,” says Stripchat to models

Have you ever wanted to offer a specific activity in your Private shows, but couldn’t find it in the tags? We’ve got you!

We added the possibility to add custom options for your Private show activities. Add your custom activity in “In Private shows I also do” so that it appears in the Private menu for your Private shows. And the best part? If a user types your activity in the search bar, your profile will pop up as a result.

This is a great opportunity for you to diversify your shows and offer something to suit every taste. However, if exposure is what you’re looking for, don’t forget to include existing tags as well.

Announcement to models at

This would be great for models who are a specialist in things that might attract only a few viewers, but highly specific niches are often the most rewarding for members and broadcasters alike. Do you have a face-mask fetish? A desire for girls in an angora wool sweater? Those are all real, though obscure, interests that I’m happy to cater for.

What kind of activities would you expect to look for? Let me know in the comments what things you want to see and let us see if we can match that up with some models who can provide it!