Ever wondered what a ChatterBait webcam girl was?

I had naively thought that when I saw people searching for “chatterbait” this or that, like “chatterbait webcams”, and “chatterbait dating site”, that they were just misspellings of Chaturbate.

Only in 2022 did I finally think to look and found that Chatterbait is actually a thing.

A product of ZMan Fishing it is an extensive range of fishing products, which dates back to 2006 a full 5 years earlier than Chaturbate.com which is not one of the older cam girl sites.

“With its patented design and unique, hex-shaped ChatterBlade®, the sound, vibration, and action of The Original ChatterBait brand bladed jigs is unmatched.

So if the sound and vibrations of a “ChatterBait Freedom”, “Diezel ChatterBait” or one of the other 15 variations on offer at ZManFishing are your thing then perhaps you should save your money and tip the girls a bit less and instead buy some fishing gear!

I can’t help feeling that so many of the product names are just begging for a camming reference though; how about CrossEyez ChatterBait? At only $9.99 each they are a great deal, but are CB tokens worth even more in a dollars-to-pleasure measurement.

Not knowing anything about fishing with a rod and hooks I can’t tell if you’ll get more satisfaction out of spending money on ChatterBait hooks or on Chaturbate tokens!

What do you think?