In the realm of live porn cam sites, there is a notable shortage of options for gay viewers interested in live chat rooms featuring CIS males. If you are a gay viewer who wants to pay using Bitcoin, the choices become even more limited. This guide aims to help you by providing a comprehensive list of the best gay webcam sites that accept Bitcoin payments, along with highlighting the possibilities at each site of Bitcoin and gay cams.

Terminology for Gay Bitcoin Cams:

First of all, what sort of cams? I’m talking here really about live porn sites where you get to chat with a hot or cute man and do sexual stuff, typically for a fee.

I’m not covering dating sites, nor those where it is just a bunch of sad losers jerking for their own entertainment. We are talking service providers here who have the ability and the intention to please you, and expect to be suitably compensated for their time.

Cute guys online who are not gay, but are waiting for hetro females are also not what I mean, though it is hard to filter them out sometimes on sites that group all men into a single section.

When I say “Cam” I mean live video porn, traditionally broadcast with a webcam, but now just as often with a phone or a professional camera in a studio. These cam sites are places where you watch a live video stream of a guy doing his thing, and you get to chat with him via text chat, almost always with his audio turned on so you can hear him. And perhaps the chance for you to show him your face (or other body part as you prefer) as well as speak to him.

Recorded porn, even if it is a recording of a previously live cam show, is also out of scope.

Gay men are the topic here and with no disrespect, I’m not talking about anyone from the trans community, or indeed gay women. Lesbians are out of scope and are frankly a confused mess as they are mostly catering to a hetro male audience.

Then on to the next question. What do we call the people who broadcast?

Unfortunately, the whole topic has become tagged with the term “camgirl”, that is what I call myself and people know what I mean when I say “I’ve been a camgirl for 20 years”. If I’m a “cam” and a “girl”, that means the equivalent for males would be “camboy”. But although that makes some sort of linguistical logic, it doesn’t sound right to me either. We are not talking about young boys here!!

What are my alternatives?

Camguy? Camman? Cammale? Camcock?

Pick your preferred wording but I’ll stick with “gay webcam performer” or sometimes “model” and other descriptive terms.

As for “bitcoin” I do mean BTC, the original cryptocurrency. Not BitcoinCash, not Ether, not other cryptos. I’m not being a Bitcoin maximalist here, but just reporting on what is most commonly accepted.

In practice, almost any site that accepts BTC is going to accept other tokens, basically because they are working via crypto payment gateways that want to offer the biggest selection of coins.

If you want the extra privacy of Monero or just happen to have some Dogecoin then go for it, but I won’t dig into that in too much detail.

For more on a choice of coins, read this:

Best Choices for Gay Webcam Sites with Bitcoin Payment:

Let’s get into the list of sites that both have gay webcam performers and also accept Bitcoin. Click the names below for something interesting about the site. I’m going to start with the smaller sites and work myself up to those huge ones that may take some stretching to accommodate. Oh, perhaps I’m mixing my metaphors a bit much there!

  1. CamLust – Unusually in this list the site is more of an online platform for meeting Skype cam performers, and they have a male section. Sadly hardly any of those men who perform via Skype are online at the times I’ve checked.
  2. – With its user-friendly interface and a dedicated section for gay content, is trying to provide for gay Bitcoin-wielding users, but hasn’t quite got there yet.
  3. MyDirtyHobby – Known for its extensive collection of amateur performers mainly in Germany, MyDirtyHobby offers gay webcam experiences and plenty of recorded videos. While you can pay with Bitcoin, few performers are available.
  4. CamSoda – Boasting a few more gay performers, CamSoda provides a Bitcoin-friendly environment for viewers seeking live cam interactions. It isn’t huge but you could take a look.
  5. imLive – This one is an exception to what I said about Bitcoin because the site only takes some obscure token called Puma. You can convert your BTC to PMA if you want at a sway site, but whether it is worthwhile for the 10+ performers online is up to you to decide.
  6. XLoveCam – Offering a variety of gay cam experiences, but mostly for the French-speaking gay community.
  7. Amateur.TV – Have you noticed I’ve sorted this with increasing numbers of performers? ATV has a bunch more of all kinds of rooms, and yes they do tend to be more amateur, and often Spanish-speaking. Not necessarily from the typical Central American studios though. At ATV you find Mexican and Spanish performers broadcasting from their own homes which is nice. With an ok selection of actually amateur gay performers, Amateur.TV allows Bitcoin transactions to load your wallet.
  8. LiveJasmin – Known for its high-quality premium live cam shows, provides a secure and discreet Bitcoin payment option for gay viewers. Just as with their female performers, every man here has been given some grounding in grooming and there are some expectations about deportment that mean you can have confidence they will at least look clean, neat, and fuckable. No dad-bods or grainy cock cams here, so in a way Amateur.TV and LiveJasmin are opposites. A thing they have in common is both accepting Bitcoin.
  9. SkyPrivate – As with the Camlust mentioned earlier this one focuses on using Skype to make the calls, while you do payments via their website. That makes for a more intimate experience, with no public rooms. The actual shows are as a video call between two people with no involvement from the website. Payments via Bitcoin are used to load the wallet on the site, then you pay for the shows upfront or per minute as the call goes along.
  10. Flirt4Free – Previously one of the largest and most gay focused sites Flirt4Free continues to have a medium-sized selection of male performers, who tend to be just that little bit better looking and more customer-focused. The site supports Bitcoin payments and has gone through multiple crypto gateways in the past showing that they are intent on keeping crypto payments working.
  11. BongaCams – Boasting a good number of gay cam models, BongaCams provides a Bitcoin-integrated platform for users seeking live cam entertainment. You will find butch, twink, dadbod, and everything in between. A few male-male couples are also broadcasting here.
  12. StripChat – With a really large range of gay performers and a great search engine to help you find the right one, StripChat offers a Bitcoin-friendly environment for interactive live cam porn. Expect to see a range of different nationalities, body types, and both solo and gay couple cams. Prices for tipping or private shows vary a lot here but you’ll find both discount a premium choices.
  13. Chaturbate – Known for its diverse range of performers, Chaturbate stands as one of the leading platforms that accept Bitcoin for gay cam porn. It is simply so much larger than other sites that your chance of finding Mr Right here is much higher. The site has plenty of performers in the lowest price bracket if you are looking for a budget experience, but if you are looking for quality then you can pick your price point appropriately.

But how many guys are there to choose from?

There is a fundamental lack of guys available for live streaming porn so which sites have a reasonable supply is perhaps the most important measure.

Here is the count when I looked at the site recently. Click the names for my generic non-gay review of each site. The number on the right of each line is the number of gay men I found when I last looked at the site. It is only a snapshot of a time, but it gives you some idea.

How to choose

Is it too painful to go through all these choices? Then let me help you to find the right one for you. Remember this is the intersection now of three things; what you want, what is a good site with gay cams, and the sitealso lets you pay with Bitcoin.

Use the buttons to visit the sites.

Want variety

Go for Chaturbate and Stripchat. They are just so much larger. If you want to spend time browsing from a big collection of gay cams before you decide who to spend your coins on then these are really your only two choices.

Want amateur

No brainer, go for Amateur TV. When you are looking for men broadcasting at home, not just in a studio, then there is no one site that is perfect, but this one is above average.

Want quality guys

Flirt4Free and LiveJasmin have you covered. When you want hot men and you want them now, with no fussing around, then go for a premium quality site.

You are cheap or poor

Don’t have the cash? Chaturbate will let you see plenty for free, and if yo have to pay you could pay quite a little. BongaCams doesn’t show quite so much, but when you do pay they are used to you paying very little indeed.

Private face-to-face chat?

Skype is your thing, so SkyPrivate and maybe Camlust. The whole idea of doing a “video call”, and not using a website, is quite attractive.

Prefer French, German or Spanish-speaking men?

Then your choices are respectively; XLoveCams, MyDirtyHobby and Amateur.TV. Sometimes the right language makes up for the number of performers online. After all, you can only jerk off to one guy at a time.

Non BTC choices

Want other gay live chat rooms and are willing to pay in fiat? Then you have other choices but that is a different article.

Let me know in the comments if this has worked for you, and which sites have let you find that Mr. Right, or Mr Right Cock at least, that has worked for your bitcoins.