Although I’ve signed up with both CamLust and SkyPrivate I’m finding CamLust easier to understand and just did another Skype show for a viewer who found me on Camlust. It was hot and easy to do and I think we were both satisfied with the Camlust show.

I’m sure he was satisfied.

I got to hear him cum, and he said thank you nicely and politely.

He reached out to me first using Skype directly. I’ve set my CamLust profile to show a Skype ID so people who find my profile can directly contact me.

He reached out yesterday actually but this morning he asked again if I was available. I said yes and asked him what he wanted to do.

He was very clear about what he wanted from the Camlust show. He wanted me to strip and show my feet.

Both of these are nice things to do so I was happy with that.

This is a great advantage of Camlust shows, in that people contact you first and you get to say yes or no depending on what you are happy with.

CamLust show pricing

I’m not that used to pricing on CL though so I asked him how long he wanted, and as my price is set to $1 a minute his request for 8 minutes meant $8 for the call. A strange number but later I saw the point.

When I agreed that 8 minutes was fine I then asked him to send me the $8 via CamLust and 3 minutes later he confirmed that he had done that.

Not having met him before I did of course go and check, and sure enough, the fee for 8 minutes was in my CamLust dashboard marked as “Pending” with buttons for me to mark the job complete, or to refund it.

It is a bit like escrow at an auction site or something like that. The buyer gives the middle-man the money, and when everything is completed the seller gets the money.

This way he can’t back out and fail to pay, but at the same time, the money isn’t in my hands until I do the work. It is fair for everybody.

I’m not sure what happens if I don’t do the work, does he get a chance to complain and not pay me? I suppose that would be reasonable, but it hasn’t happened to me so I can say for sure.

CamLust show privacy of payments

When I checked my emails later I saw that “You received a payment from Non-CL member.” That’s interesting in that it means he wasn’t logged in when he paid me, meaning that Camlust doesn’t know that he did the show with me.

Once I saw his payment was pending I set up the camera ready for the show.

First I closed all my other broadcast windows, as I was actually broadcasting on two cam sites at that moment, and then I had to put my clothes on!

He did ask me to “strip” and show my feet, but as I was already naked I had to put some clothes on first so he could watch me take them off again. That’s fine, I know stripping can be fun.

Normally when I’m in my office I’m only wearing high heels and a Lovense Lush vibrating remote control toy inside, that’s my normal “office wear”. But he wasn’t to know that.

Having switched to high glass fuck me heels, a flappy miniskirt, and a lace bolero top I started the call to him using Skype on my PC. I know I could have used my phone, but I’m more used to my computer so that’s more convenient for me.

Notice that CamLust isn’t involved at all in my doing the call. Although they have a plugin that lets me charge for Skype calls by the minute, in practice, I’ve yet to use that and it seems most people are happy to have a negotiated set-price show rather than pay-per-minute.

I called him and when he answered the first thing I did was to tell him that I’m starting an 8-minute timer, that’s a tip I’d heard from other sex workers that it avoids disagreements in shows to have a physical timer that everybody can see.

When you are using Skype the on-screen Skype app says how long the call is, so that is sort of redundant, but I forgot about that!

Once the call started we chatted and he asked me to pose, strip and show my feet which I did while he watched.

He was very polite and I could hear his breathing getting heavy as must have been jerking his cock while watching me rub my feet together and talk to him about how I wanted to rub my feet on his cock.

He came from me rubbing my feet in a CamLust Show

Real foot fetish cam show stuff! And he wasn’t being mean like many foot fetishists.

That eight-minute timer didn’t spoil the show because he watched me rub my naked feet together and jerked himself to a nice big cum just before the 8 minutes were up!

Perhaps he knows himself well enough to know that he can cum in 8 minutes if a model has feet he likes.

That’s great to be self-aware!

After he came he said thanks and hung up on the Skype show. My second Camlust show was complete and I could click that complete button in the Camlust dashboard to get the money.

Try out Camlust if you haven’t already, you don’t even need to make an account to buy a show if you want to remain anonymous.

Have you done shows on CamLust? Either as a model or a viewer?

Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about your experiences.