Question: Do Camgirls Accept Mastercard for payment?

Answer: Not directly, but indirectly via camgirl sites it is easy to use Mastercard

Although big card companies such as Mastercard have anti-sex policies and refuse to give payment accounts to anything to do with sexuality, there are ways around this.

Cam girls generally are not in a position to accept credit cards of any kind, and things like CashApp, Venmo, Strike, and Revolut are how they work around this and accept payments.

Despite Mastercard being officially anti-sex they don’t seem to mind the business as long as there is a middleman in the way somewhere, presumably to protect their reputation!

The way around the problem is to pay via a company that has an account with Mastercard, either directly or indirectly. For businesses that deal with cam girls, there are no direct connections, but plenty of indirect ones.

For example, if you go to and create an account then add funds to it the payment process is actually handled by “”. If you have never heard of them you are not alone, they keep a low profile and basically just handle payments for adult entertainment sites.

That means your credit card information is taken by Paymentico, and they send the charge to Mastercard and then credit Stripchat with your money.

Because Paymentico accepts Mastercard for payment then effectively Stripchat is somewhere you can use your Mastercard.

Therefore any site that uses a payment processor, and that is every cam girl site I’ve ever looked at, which be able to take the major cards including VISA and Mastercard.

While some other cards such as Discover and AmericanExpress are not always accepted, the VISA/Mastercard combo seems to be universally available.

Want other choices? Try any of these sites that I have confirmed accept Mastercard.

If you are mostly concerned about making sure that the camgirl gets as much of the money with as little fees as possible then CamLust would be your first choice, though SkyPrivate is similarly good in this regard.

That is because they are Skype cam girl sites, meaning they don’t pay for their own video servers but just get you to use Microsoft Skype, or a similar video chat program.