One of the big problems as a camgirl is to know the right price to set for your services, it is hard to know what a fair price is that will result in the best income.

Too expensive and you don’t get any customers, too cheap and you don’t earn enough for the shows you do.

As with anything, there is a trade-off between price and quantity.

When you are first starting as a camgirl or working at a new site for the first time, the best you can do is look for the “market price” of other models you think are similar, and see if you find that reasonable.

This guidance is a good starting place but can be misleading as well.

I think I’ve been misled when I started to set up my profile at SkyPrivate, the established Skype camgirl site that I’ve been trying out.

The possible prices start at $1 a minute, with a “recommended” price of $1.34.

As I’m new to the site I set my price to the minimum to increase the chance that people will try to talk to me and I’ll get to know more about the site.

But after I installed the SkyPrivate Skype Plugin, which includes information on who is chatting to you, I found that the “Average with others” figure was between 5 and 7 for most men who contacted me on Skype.

It turns out that this is the average cost of calls that those different viewers have had in the past.

Given that the average prices at SkyPrivate are mostly under $2 a minute:

That means most men are having a show that is just 5 or fewer minutes long.

I know guys can cum fast, but that isn’t really interesting for me. I’m barely started to warm up in 5 minutes.

With the poor economy right now is it better to price my live shows on SkyPrivate at a cheaper rate so more people can afford a longer show and it is more fun?

Or should I go for a medium price, perhaps around $3, and only wait for those customers who have the cash to spend a longer time with me?

Visit SkyPrivate and find my profile to see what I’m charging today.