Want to delete Chaturbate from your computer? From your life? or from the Internet?

You can’t actually delete Chaturbate completely, but you can get a lot of your privacy back by disabling it. Read on to learn how.

But if you just found Chaturbate wrong for you and need an alternative there are more choices:

There are different reasons for wanting to stop using a live cam site. Mostly they fall into three types:

  1. If you are just using Chaturbate because you like to watch the girls masturbate in the free chat rooms, but have decided to quit it then this may not help you very much.
  2. For those who are spending money on tipping CB cam girls, or are taking girls private, and find that they are spending a little more time and money there than maybe they should then disabling your account could help you.
  3. Cam girls who have broadcast as models and now wish they hadn’t may also benefit from disabling their account. It isn’t a time machine though and won’t take you back to before you ever started broadcasting. Once your nude pictures are out there on the internet realistically you can never get them 100% back.

Do any of those sound like you? Then this is what you have to do.

First scroll to the bottom of the page at Chaturbate and look for the “Disable Account” link.

Disable Account link at the bottom of Chaturbate website on every page is the closest to a "delete chaturbate" option

Where it says “Disable Account”, that’s what you have to click.

If you are not already logged in then you will have to login at this point.

This takes you to the “Privacy Center” where you have to confirm that you really want to proceed with the deletion.

Chaturbate Privacy Center has the Deactivate Account option.

Read the words carefully before you proceed, this is a one-way only decision. Despite the term “disable” rather than delete there is no way back at this point so be sure you are sure.

Then go ahead and click the “Disable My Account” button and without any additional prompting you will find you are logged out. And that it is now impossible to login again.

And that’s it. Your account is Disabled or Deactivated.

It isn’t actually deleted though.

Chaturebate keeps your records on their server for as long as their Privacy policy allows and they willeventually delete it when they are done with the information. You won’t know when that is.

But at least at this point you can’t login, and nobody can find your profile on the website.

Get started by logging in.

Let me know in the comments and tell me why you wanted to delete your CB account so I can update this article to be more helpful.