Nude gamer girls is really a thing, and though Plexstorm hasn’t managed to make it work, there are still other cam sites that let you watch girls play.

If you want to watch a naked sexy girl play computer games you can do so in several places now, but Stripchat has just introduced a new choice.

It isn’t the sort of game I think of when you say “playing games nude” though.

Nude twitter ok, maybe playing Fortnite while masturbating, ok.

But Battleship?!

The famous game with a sexy twist! Sink all of the model’s ships to win a hot prize from them 🔥

Models can launch Battleship at any moment. Everyone in their room sees the game in real time, and viewers can all take part in it at the same time.

You don’t have to wait for others to take a shot. Go for it whenever you want! Take a shot—or two, or ten!—to find and hit the model’s ships 🚢

Once viewers have destroyed all ships, the model will deliver the prize they set at the start of the game.

Get your virtual guns blazing! 💥

Stripchat announcement about Battleship

It is all a bit random as the model doesn’t really get to position or hider her ships, it is mostly auto-generated so it comes down to a lucky draw.

Then there is a countdown with random squares burning or getting crossed out.

I’m not sure it makes much sense, but it is worth a try!

Give it a try at Stripchat and let me know if you get blown up!

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