Dynamic pricing is a feature introduced by Streamate that allows models to set a price range for their live shows instead of a fixed rate. The platform then uses a smart algorithm to determine the optimal price to present to each viewer based on various considerations. This feature aims to attract a broader audience and potentially boost a model’s fanbase.

Here are some key points about dynamic pricing at Streamate:

Pricing Range: With dynamic pricing, models can set a minimum and maximum price range for their live shows. The minimum price ensures that models earn a certain amount per minute, while the maximum price allows for flexibility and potentially higher earnings.

Some models worry about their price being pushed down, but others report it going up. Other sites recommend a “good price” for a girl, but it isn’t automated.

Viewer Experience: Dynamic pricing takes into account various factors such as the viewer’s spending habits, the model’s popularity, and the demand for the show. This personalized approach aims to provide viewers with a fair and tailored pricing experience.

The downside is that the same viewer may see different prices at different times. This could annoy regular viewers who think a model has put up her prices when it is actually just automated and not her decision.

Regulars vs. New Viewers: The dynamic pricing feature may charge new viewers more than regulars, while keeping regulars closer to what they usually pay. This helps maintain the loyalty of existing viewers while potentially increasing earnings from new viewers. At least that’s the theory.

The option to enable dynamic pricing can be found in the “Account Preferences” section under “Account Settings”.

Some models don’t like the whole idea.

Do you think it is a helpful feature at Streamate? Or would you rather have your own control of pricing. Let me know in the comments.