QUESTION: Where can I find camgirls to do cam2cam on Telegram text or video chat?

Answer: SlinkyWinky

Although Telegram is full of porn it isn’t actually porn-friendly. Any channel or group that is “distributing pornographic content” (their words, not mine) gets locked.

Therefore although cam girls do use the excellent text and video chat capabilities of the software they have to do so discreetly. Because Telegram is actually a messaging problem originally it has great text chat as well as video calling capabilities.

That means any video with a camgirl using telegram is automatically cam2cam video call, which has upsides and downsides, but can be a great way to get more personal.

Some camgirls use TG just as another form of social media.

Check around the profiles of models on Chaturbate and you will find ones who are selling “premium telegram” for tips. That means when you tip the appropriate amount the CB girl will give you a link to her private Telegram chat.

But finding camgirls who use Telegram for video calls outside of the major sites such as CB and Stripchat is a lot more difficult.

There isn’t a single place to go to find them.

That is until SlinkyWinky started. And while it is still small and new it has an organised way for you to browse their models and arrange either texting or video chat calls.

When you connect to SlinkyWinky you are using a Telegram “bot” that gives you menus inside the text chat of Telegram to let you browse models and arrange for texting or calling.

You can check out my profile here, or visit the main list and browse the models using this button.

Remember you will need to have Telegram already installed for these to work.

Do you think Telegram has a future for cam girls? Let me know in the comments.