Why exactly are you using Skype anyway? It is a dead old Microsoft product and there are a lot better choices out there for doing two way video calls. Zoom for one, but if that isn’t your thing or you don’t want to risk mixing with your office WfH account then how about WhatsApp or Discord? They all do video calls and if you can find a camgirl who is up for doing shows on any of those apps then that is going to be easier to arrange and less likely to mix your personal fun calls with your Skype family video chats.

Ok having put aside “why skype”, what about “why independent”? People ask for this, but it makes it sound as though there are non-Independent models, I mean sure some models work for studios but the majority of camgirls are private models, like me, who just do camming from their home or some other place (I use my web dev studio).

I think when people ask for “independent webcam models” what they mean is non-studio models, and ok sometimes the studio backdrop with the Ikea furniture can feel very artificial and breaks the illusion of talking to the girl-next-door. Even if your real girl-next-door doesn’t hang around in lingerie all day or spend hours using a fuck machine.

If what you really want is a more “normal” camgirl, not a pro-model, then it is up to you to search for independent webcam models who work privately from their homes or personal spaces. Utilize directories and platforms specifically catering to independent performers to find the right match for your preferences.

Enter the directories of independent webcam models who perform on Skype, and other similar sites. These online listings serve as a valuable resource for those seeking to explore the world of Skype adult entertainment. They offer a selection of models who have been checked to ensure they are legal, each with their unique features, rates, and services. By browsing these directories, you can easily find a model that suits your preferences and budget.

Websites like this also help to provide anonymity, such as by handling payment, and have some rating or feedback mechanism to protect both model and viewer from scams.

Skype girl directories often provide additional information that can help you make an informed decision. You can read reviews from other clients, view sample videos or images, and usually leave a message to the models directly to ask any questions you may have. This level of information is necessary because one thing you don’t get is a free sample in a public chat room, as you would at a regular tipping site like Stripchat or Chaturbate, or even the flirt-only previews at sites like Flirt4Free, LiveJasmin and XCams.

If independent cam girl directories make so much sense, then why are there so few of them? It’s a common question, and there are a few reasons.

First of all is that the adult industry, including camming, is heavily regulated and subject to strict laws in many countries. This makes it difficult for some individuals to enter the market and create a directory without facing legal challenges.

Then there is profitability, nobody is doing this purely for fun, especially since running a directory requires plenty of time and servers, and programming, all of which cost money. A website gets nowhere without advertising and marketing, and that also costs. Security is also something you really want, and that means skills. Therefore, it’s essential for these directories to make money regularly to cover their costs, and everybody wants to make a profit.

Too many such directories have been made by people who are themselves models, and feel that cam sites are ripping them off by taking 50% of their income, which is a valid thought but when that leads to “we’ll make a camsite that gives 100% to the girls” then you end up with an unsustainable business.

Websites run as charities don’t work. You need incoming money to cover costs and ensure profitability.

The way it has to work therefore is that the directory has to have a way to make some money, and that means either advertising, or taking a cut of business that is happening on the site. Earning money from advertising on adult websites is hard, I know, I’ve tried it, and so taking a cut really makes most sense.

You can’t take a cut if you are not handling billing, and as both viewer and models benefit from a neutral 3rd party to be the go-between with the money then this works out ok.

  • CamModelDirectory.com (aka CMD) was for a long time the go-to place for this and I’ve discussed them before. But a few years ago they were taken over by the also successful SkyPrivate, and now CMD is just a different face or theme to the SkyPrivate.com system.
  • Then CamLust basically cloned the whole idea of SkyPrivate (SP), right down to the design of some of the pages, and has worked out ok as a second tier for models doing Skype cam shows. I’ve done a bit there myself and it works fine for both model and viewer, though it is rather quiet compared to SP.
  • And then, if you can speak Italian as I would like to but really can’t, then Mondocamgirls.com is the cam site for you.
  • One last thought, is that if you are ok with Facetime rather than Skype, and you like British girls, then you should look at SaucyTime. This is a lock-in to Apple products and Apple IDs which may make some people justly concerned. Personally I’d want a separate device and separate ID rather than mixing personal family, and sex work, on one device.
  • SaucyTime.com: Quick look at British Facetime Live Erotic Chat site