Paying online is always more efficient with a direct bank transfer. Every country has a different way to do this:

  • USA : Mostly done via ACH, but not commonly for cam sites
  • Europe : SEPA is the common way, though each country has their own
  • UK : Has BACS and Faster Payment but these are not often used for cams

International banking is complex so it can be difficult, and possibly expensive, to transfer money to a cam site that isn’t in your own country. Several of the more popular cam sites are headquartered in various European countries, even if their customers are mostly from the US.

Here are four live cam girl sites that accept wire transfer for buying credits or tokens.

Wire transfer at Chaturbate

As there are overheads to arranging direct bank deposits they are usually reserved for large purchases from regular customers. For example, if you choose Wire Transfer at Chaturbate there is a minimum deposit of $250. On the other hand, the price-per-token is $0.08 which is the cheapest you can get.

You can’t buy tokens using a bank transfer at Chaturbate just by filling in a form, you have to contact support, and then they will give you the bank details you need.

Camsoda Wire Transfer

Camsoda allows for wire transfer alongside their credit card, PayPal, check, and cryptocurrency deposit methods.

They have a higher minimum order for wire transfer, at $400 for 5,000 tokens, but this is a good price of just 8 cents each. If you use a paper check or a money order then you get only 100 tokens for each $10.7312

Either of them is a better option at Camsoda than buying with a credit card though because 100 tokens by credit card costs $10.99 or 11 cents each.

Even though you can get a better per-token rate at Camsoda by buying more tokens at a time, only if you buy using a wire transfer will you get the best possible rate.

You can’t just fill a form though, you have to email support and get the details from them that way.

LiveJasmin accepts SEPA transfers

LiveJasmin lets you deposit money into your account using Wire Transfer, but only from certain countries, and with an added cost. If you are in Germany or France then a European-style SEPA bank transfer works great, but in other countries, you are not so lucky.

US residents have to choose between Credit/Debit card, PayPal, Skrill, Crypto or branded GIft Cards.

German or French customers at LiveJasmin get a wide range of choices for sending money from their bank to the cam site. As well as the SEPA transfers Germans also can pay by phone, do a giropay, or use Sofort Banking’s Klarna service.

When you use SEPA to buy LiveJasmin Credits it is €25.99 for 17.99 credits which is more costly than buying with a credit card. When you use a regular credit or debit card then that say 17.99 credits is only €23.99.

SoulCams bonus for SWIFT or IBAN transfers

Soulcams is particularly easy to use because they give all the details in advance on their website payment page, and on their customer support wiki page.

If you want to buy Soulcams tokens using a wire transfer you get to do either SWIFT or IBAN and send it to the address they give. More importantly, they offer a discount to make it more attractive. Like many, but not all, sites they are keen to avoid the fees associated with accepting credit card payments and will happily give you some extra.

Considering that credit card fees are probably only 3% they are being good by giving you a 20% bonus of credits.

That is a much better deal than the bulk purchase bonus you get from even buying large packs with credit cards.

For SoulCams the minimum deposit by bank transfer is either $300 or €300.

If you know about other cam sites that accept wire transfers for depositing funds then let me know in the comments or post in the forum!