Actually, I sleep pretty ok at night. And that’s the final answer, but the question about exploitation is a real and valid one and was surfaced (again) when I got this question in a Reddit chat request, I’m going to anonymize it but answer it all the same.

[redacted username] 2:00 PM
Always nice to see a girl who exploits vulnerable and desperate guys online for financial gain, treating them like wallets, using them like they are nothing worth more than how much cash they got. It’s kinda baffling for me that you and other girls on camgirlproblems are able to feel no remorse or empathy at all for those poor guys. Dunno why you are so cold, but its not a good way to live. I was addicted to camgirls from 2009 to 2022ish. I recognized that these girls are like little devils who pretend and fool you, i lost lots of respect for them, so i quit paying, wasting my money on someone who isnt really interested. I mean, i always kinda knew it, was stuck in that mental state for a long time. Its just exploiting guys who were thinking like me back then, and it kinda disgusts me. Why do you and other have to lie to make money? Doesn’t that make you feel bed at night, before falling asleep?

“Chat Request” from a “Redditor for 622d · 2868 karma”

I understand why you might feel that way, and I’m sad that camming has not worked out for you. Given that you are reading r/CamGirlProblems you are obviously still interested, but you are not getting any satisfaction out of it.

Like many (maybe most?) camgirls I see what I do as providing a service, just like any other form of entertainment or companionship. While there are certainly ethical considerations, and we are “just doing it for the money”, that doesn’t mean that everything is not real. We are not AI generated (well, most of us), and are real humans trying to do a job and earn a living. Some clients find genuine connection and enjoyment, and the most experienced camgirls set clear boundaries and expectations.

I’m not actively out to fool anybody, and when I feel that a viewer is getting a bit too close and wants a real-world relationship I certainly shut them down. There are those camgirls who don’t I agree, but is it most?

Here is a problem: the camgirls who DO fake and more popular. I think that says less about them than it does about their viewers.

Camgirls sell entertainment, casual companionship and an opening into a world of personal interests that viewers may not get at home. We are not your friends, we are not your wives or lovers, and we are not your shrinks.

That doesn’t mean we can’t like you, as a good customer, but if you are visiting camgirls to find someone to like you then you probably should go outside, touch some grass, and maybe try picking up a hobby.

Volunteering, meetups, dance classes, yoga, cooking classes, and live music event are great ways to meet new (female) people.

When you have to pay someone to be nice to you, then yes you are doing something wrong.

Maybe that’s ok, maybe you are just too busy to do the dating thing. Or maybe you are not really interested in the real world, and just want some fun online that you can turn on and off like a switch, in a way that real world relationships can’t be.

A camgirl is like having a paid mistress in this regard, no she doesn’t really love you, yes she only is nice to you because of the money. But it can still be an enjoyable and pleasant interaction.

IF, and only IF, both sides know what they are getting into.

As many “secretary becomes the bosses mistress because he promises to leave his wife at the right time” stories will tell you there is self-deception on both sides.

If you self-deceive yourself into thinking that your favorite camgirl has real deep feelings for you, then I’m sorry but that’s your problem.

And no, don’t expect a cam site or a cam girl to have a warning on the front that says “May cause emotional addiction, may cause harm to your wallet”.

Just like a TV show or a movie does not start with “I’m not a real doctor, I just play one on TV”. Oh, sometimes they do, well they did, but not recently.

Because people have grown up knowing that the characters on a TV show are NOT REAL. You don’t expect to visit Hogwarts yourself, you don’t think that Spiderman will come to save you. Because they are fiction, entertainment, pretend.

It isn’t necessary for the actor to break the fourth wall, to face the camera, and say “All of this is not real, I can’t really swing between buildings on a web line”. Hey kids, don’t try this at home.

From the context, from the fact that you are visiting a porn site, you should know that the interactions you have with camgirls are pseudo at best, and entirely artificial a lot of the time.

It is not normal for girls half your age and 10 times your hotness to take their clothes off in front of you for a $1 tip. Please think about that. This is fantasy, not reality.

Camgirls rarely cum from your tips, we fake most (though admittedly not all) of the sexual pleasure. If recognising the fact that we are working here makes it unenjoyable for you then you need to examine your own expectations. It is time for a little bit of self-reflection. Consider what you truly want from these interactions and whether they make sense with the reality of the camming world.

Remember that while online porn/chat fantasy can be a fun escape, it is still at the root a transactional relationship.

Do I feel sad for people who can’t handle the addiction? Sure, a bit, but really that won’t stop me from performing for the great majority of viewers who are here just to have a temporary good time.

Yes, I sleep fine thanks. How about you?