It has taken me a while to get to know how to use the site to broadcast live cam. But today I think I finally cracked it and had my first private live show there with a fan.

It was fun with a very supportive and friendly viewer who helped me to work out my tech problems while at the same time sending me dick pics and staying hard and horny for me while I made the stream work.

And despite what I’ve said about dick pics vs kitten pics, which is still basically true, it doesn’t hurt if the pics are from someone who is ripped and hung, and kind and generous.

Kind as in he stuck around and talk sensibly to me and didn’t just throw in random demands, and generous in that he didn’t mind paying $5 a time to show me 3-second clips of him jerking his cock.

Cock pics are even nicer when they are attached to dollar bills.

Guys love to jerk their cocks, don’t they? I think this is one advantage that gay men have over straight men, is that gay jerk cams is a thing where they can get along and jerk to each other!

Back to those dollar bills, and at LoyalFans I get 80 cents on the dollar, which is a marked improvement over every other camming site I’ve tried. So while it is officially more of an onlyfans / content site it works well for me for camming.

There are other places a camgirl can get a similarly large share of the money, such as CamLust and SkyPrivate, but those are a lot harder for me who is used to Stripchat and Chaturbate to navigate.

What made this time and Loyalfans better than previous times was learnings how to set up the broadcast software properly!

Although everywhere else OBS seems to give me the best results this wasn’t the case at LoyalFans.

I couldn’t find any information about their preferred OBS settings, things like bandwidth, resolution, and so on, and therefore just split-streamed the same stream I was sending to CB.

That didn’t work, the results were glitchy, full of corruption, and turned into a blurred slideshow whenever I moved fast.

Other cams I’ve seen broadcasting live at LoyalFans had similar problems, even when they were clearly from studios that should have a lot better equipment and internet connection than mine.

What worked for me at LoyalFans was plugging in another webcam, luckily I have two, and using the web broadcasting interface to broadcast from one cam to LoyalFans while I continued to use CB with OBS for the other view.

This worked fine and even with my limited internet connection I could get both transmitting smoothly.

Smooth enough over at LoyalFans that that fan I told you about took me into a private show while I posed and rubbed for him. For which he paid a few dollars and I got 80% of that.

It’s a win-win for viewer, model (that’s me) and both OBS and Web broadcasting.

Live and learn and expect to see me broadcasting on LoyalFans some more now. Don’t forget to check out my room there and follow me, make an account if you don’t already have one and you’ll see pics I post as well.

See you there!