Good news today if you are a viewer at SoulCams. They are rebooting their “Member Awards” program. It is definitely worth trying out if you haven’t been there before or you were disappointed when it expired previously.

What exactly are the Member Awards? The idea is that by participating in the Member Awards on SoulCams, you get the chance to win free tokens while watching their models. Free tokens! What’s not to like?

The Member Awards take place every 10 days, with 5,680 tokens available as prizes. They are boasting 17,000 tokens to be won per month. How lucky do you feel?

Whether you’re a seasoned viewer or new to the scene, this is a good chance to watch your favorite models’ shows and potentially reap the rewards.

The rules are all about award points. Private shows, spy sessions, and the votes you give after privates hold the most significant weight. The tokens you spend on privates and spy sessions will be converted into award points. More points mean a better position in the rankings. You also get points for tips, virtual gifts, and buying content such as videos and premium photo albums.

Just voting gets you points, so help out the girls as well by voting for the ones that work the best for you. The catch is that you only get to vote if you have been at least five minutes in a private session. Then you get to rate the girl on a 1 to 5 scale Your contest points will be based on the votes you cast, so showing your appreciation can bring even greater rewards.

As an encouragement to be a VIP or a Fan Club member, you will get double votes, so not every vote is created equal. Bad for democracy but this is business.

Don’t want to be in the rankings for privacy reasons? No problem, you can easily opt-out using the “Personal settings” section of your member account. Furthermore, if you still wish to participate but want to maintain some anonymity, you can choose to display only the first letter of your username in the contest results.

Contest participants also get avatar images which is rather “Meta” but hey if it floats your boat then go for it.

What about the prizes?

SoulCams rewards the top 19 members with generous token prizes. The winners will have their tokens added directly to their member account balance immediately after the awards conclude.

First place is a thousand tokens, while even if you are in the very bottom 17th to 19th position you get still get 50.

Want to try it out?