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FireCracker Video

Firecracker video is a package you can buy to set up your own webcam site.  It's perfectly ok software in itself, but because it is so easy a lot of people seem to end up using it to create webcam sites when they have no idea how to run the rest of their business.

So this ends up with lots of firecracker video based sites with no girls, no customers and no hope.  People intending to start their own webcam site really need to put some thought into the whole business plan -- getting chathosts, getting customers, being able to pay people and so on. 

It's more than just the software!

As for FireCracker Video itself, here are some details:

Server Features: 
bulletCentral Server Architecture (does not slow when more people enter a performer's "room").
bulletEditable pricing "floor" (performer can charge no lower than this amount)
bulletFree room features size-editable video (very small to full size)
bulletFree room features editable-refresh rate (1 frame per hour to 1 frame per second)
bulletFree room features free chat
Uses M.S. Sql7 database
bulletAudio server
bulletPerformer stats database
bulletUser database
bulletAccount deletion (both performers and users)
bulletTime bank (viewer pays 1 amount, then uses it up)
bulletMembers pages
bulletEditable payout %
bulletBill through gateways such as Netbilling, Authorizenet, etc.. (using your merchant account). Ibill 3rd party billing scripts (if you don't have your own merchant account)
bullet.asp pages so you can design the look of your site however you want
bulletWeb page reporting of sales/payouts
Audio Features:
bulletEasy admin interface
bulletRuns as an NT service
bulletEditable number of listeners for each audio stream
bulletUsername / password protected performer accounts
bulletAll network transfers except audio are encrypted
bulletPasswords are encrypted in database
bulletAccess authentication database
bulletAdd/Edit/Delete users (performers and administrators)
bulletView users data
bulletKill users current broadcast
bulletView server log files
Performer Features:
bulletBrandable Capture client (your logo/icon/name in performer program)
bulletAutomatic performer signup
bulletPerformer stats
bulletPerformer editable bio/profile page
bulletPerformer editable "banned zip codes"
bulletPerformer editable Performer image archives
bulletPerformer chooses rates (above minimum set by admin)
bulletPerformer can choose send speed (frames per second)
bulletPerformer can choose video quality
bulletPerformer can choose video size
bulletAudio broadcaster
bulletPerformer sees free and paying customers in chat (pay customers in a different color for easy attention)
bulletPerformer can choose free video size and speed in freechat, and free video size and speed when someone is in paychat (an example is 320x240 1fps in free when there are no pay customers, then the free will change to 80x60 1fp 20 sec when someone is in paychat...)
bulletAudio alert when pay customer enters/leaves
bulletPerformer can disconnect or ban abusive chatters
Audio Features:
bulletChoose between two transfer codecs, GSM or ADCPM (GSM requires less than 2k per second, or ADCPM requires less than 4k per second)
bulletLevel Meter
bulletListener List
bulletAbility To Kick Listener Off Channel
2 CAM $2,299
5 CAM $5,399
10 CAM $9,995
20 CAM $17,599

Some sites using firecracker video: -- this is apparently the demo site
bullet camfriendslive
bullet Video Chat Girls
bullet victoriasstage



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