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When I first checked in on LiveClickMeet they were still in early days and were back filling their range of online chatrooms with hosts from Streamate.  But they have now (as in 2008) given that up and are focusing on their own rooms and hosts.

You'll find the same things listed under the names Camnesia and 24SexyCams but it is the which is their main domain.  I take that back, most of the links I have for them now go to 24SexyCams although the other domains are still active.

Click on through and you'll meet a very few live models indeed, when I checked there was but a single lonely girl -- though it would be more reasonable to call her a Lady as a) she listed her age as 49 and b) she looked like a real lady!  Now I have to say that you can just about tell that hotangela is probably really the age she lists, but boy do I hope I look that good at her age!

Mature Camgirl hotangela at liveclickmeet

And I think the way she was dressed and had her room decorated -- with lots of porn magazine pages pasted on the wall and a big display of toys beside her -- showed that she is really ready to go and knows what to do.

At the moment "mature" is a niche but I think that it is an under supported one.  So if you are a host and you are not a teenager then don't worry about pretending to be 18.  There are guys out there that like a lady rather than a girl.  Of course it works best if you list yourself at a site that clearly lets people either search by age or has a mature section, I'd suggest MyBabeCams as one like that.

The rest of the site is pretty conventional, billing is by epoch with $10, 20, 50 or $99 purchases but you get more for your money if you buy larger blocks.  For 10 dollars  you get 15 credits (66c a credit) but if  you buy a hundred dollars that will get you 200 credits (49.5c a credit) which is a 25% discount.

For unregistered users there is 90 seconds limitation for free chat so you are going to want to sign up -- a free account just needs a user name and password and email, not checked. 

Once yuo are signed up there are lots of things to entice you to buy -- like "BUY NOW minimum amount of credits and receive 25 Credits Bonus "  and to get you to do introductions they also offer twenty five credits for each friend you introduce, providing they spend.  I somehow don't think a lot of guys will introduce their friends!

You can also validate your account and get free 10 minutes.  And once you have spent some time in private you'll be able to access the archive movies for free., at least for 30 days.

For hosts ("Models") they offer 40% commission for private or VIP, no difference, and 65% for those customers you have introduced.  I call that the "poaching bonus"!

You get the 25% on members you introduce even if they are with another host on LiveClickMeet.

Payments are weekly via epassporte only apparently with a minimum of $20.  So all pretty positive there.

They also offer a flat rate for being online in free chat -- "up to" ten dollars an hour but I didn't see any details on how you get this.

Studios seem to get the same deal -- they don't list any details separately -- but you have to have at least 5 model profiles created to be activated as a studio.  I think that may be being a bit too selective given that they are obviously short of hosts at the moment.

They try to make a virtue out of a necessity when it comes to their small number of models by saying "we focus on quality, not quantity. You will not be competing with 500 other live models for a small amount of customers".  But I don't think they'd complain if they had a few more online than they do now!

It all sounds pretty good but just a bit slow sadly.  So if  you want to try out liveclickmeet please let me know how it goes in the webcam forum, thanks.

Pro for Exhibitionists

Good %, not crowded

Con for Exhibitionists

Slow traffic

Pro for Voyeurs

Some unusual hosts, cheap

Con for Voyeurs

not so many choices of online hosts


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