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One of the older established names in the live cam area is LiveCamNetwork, but unlike other sites of this vintage (it goes about to at least 2000), they have taken right from the start a dual approach to the business.  On one hand they are a live adult webcam chat site, and on the other side they sell the service of setting up an adult live webcam chat site.  The latter part is under the name of

Therefore you end up with a lot of webcam sites out there which are basically identical, but with different names and color schemes.   And, and this is the big point, with the same chathosts -- because LiveCamNetwork/ offer a service they call MBASE (model base) whereby any host you recruit to your site may (optionally) be added into a central database which then all 2much sites (again optionally) may draw from.

It's a brilliant idea to get over that initial chicken-and-egg situation where a new site has no hosts, and hence cannot provide anything for viewers to see.

So what's the downside?  Well there are several -- particularly for webmasters using this system to set up their own adult cam chat site -- but the main one is that you are not really independent.  Everything relies on 2much continuing to operate, so in a sense you are buying a service rather than a software.  Think Gmail instead of Outlook.

The other big downside is that there seems to be something about this system that stops it growing.  It isn't dying, there is plenty still around, but in all these years it really hasn't grown.

If I go today to I can see 3 -- count them, three -- hosts online.  That's a dismal situation that would kill most sites, but somehow they have survived.  Perhaps they have a particularly good quality of hosts, and I can't deny that they do have some really beautiful hosts online -- as well as the occasional 3rd world studio model -- and they also have good video.  It's streaming Windows Media Streaming that can go truly full screen.

What they haven't got going is price -- in these days of 0.99/minute or even 0.69/minute webcam chat they are still charging as much as $5.49/min for private chat.  That's flirt4free territory price wise -- and if I go over there I get a choice of 60 girls online at this moment.

So presumably the company does well by selling it's software service because the number of hosts just doesn't seem to be up there in the big leagues.

Ok enough backgrounder -- I felt I had to explain this as otherwise it seems strange to be reviewing what is basically a very small site unless you realize how well established it is.

Here's the main screen and when I took this shot there were only two online hosts, both in private-only -- nobody in free chat.  So while free chat does exist there is no guarantee you'll find anybody in that area.  What they do have though is a long list of who is scheduled to be online next, so that's pretty important if you have a particular girl you are a fan of.  I have not checked to see how accurate this is though, we all know that we may schedule to be online but still fail to make it for whatever reason.

If you want more than free chat then signup for an account -- email required and it is validated -- purchase are via ccbill only and come in $20 increments.  There is a $4 bonus for buying $80, but strangely only a $6 bonus for buying $100.  Still it's nice to see bulk buy discounts as so many sites doesn't seem to bother with these and if you are buying a lot of minutes then it does make a difference.

The actual video chat window then is pretty standard in appearance, but the video itself is very good as it is real streaming video using Windows Media.  You can right click on the video and go full screen -- though then you won't be able to see your text chat.


Pro for Exhibitionists

Anyone can join.

Con for Exhibitionists

Read the forum, search for livecamnetwork.  There are quite a few strong opinions which you should read and make up your own mind.
Pro for Voyeurs Great video quality -- real streaming

Con for Voyeurs

Poor range of girls

Old LivecamNetwork Review


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