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The Quebec - Montreal based JuicyNetwork is the English language sister site to the Francophone FrancoDirect (which has a gay cam version also) and Hispanolive which is in Spanish.  They also used to have Quebeclive.com but seem to have given that up in favor of their current Juicy image.

Like so many cam sites it is vaguely disappointing, not that it is bad in any way, but rather because it seems to not have taken off -- despite being online for several years (at least since 99) it still has only a handful -- as in 3 to 5 -- hosts online when I check it.  At least this is an improvement over last year when it was more like 1 or 2.  I now see a gay and shemale section which are similarly thin - two in gay and zero in shemale, though they do hae a few registered profiles.

The JuicyNetwork video system is clear and flexible, with normal, double or quad (almost full screen) displays.  Yes it is a bit grainy if you blow it up to max but not that bad.  In maximum size the chat window becomes an optional see-through overlay at the bottom - very similar to imlive.

The JucityNetworks video is not streaming though, and I suspect in these days of full-screen full-motion video at sites like PrivateFeeds it is hard to compete.  On the other hand imlive has similar video quality, and in the past much worse, but is still popular based more on the range of hosts available.

More cams online = more happy viewers, it's as simple as that.  Almost all of the profiles of hosts at JuicyNetwork are standard studio shots, I only a handful of at-home performers.  Yes they do call the chathost "Performers" and make a point of this in their FAQ -- that this is a viewer/performer relationship and no pretense is made at it being friends, let alone dating.  That's very up-front and honest but perhaps spoils the illusion for some viewers who (knowingly we hope) like to kid themselves there is more to it than business.

As well as private chat there is also chat in a semi-private mode nude chat. That means you'll be with other users in the semi-private room with the host you have selected.

Then there is voyeur mode which allows you to sit back and watch the action. You can see the video of the host who is in private with another user, but you won't be able to access the chat part of the private show.  Not sure if the person who is paying for "private" at that moment will really appreciate this.

Signing up as a viewer is free, just provide username, password, d.o.b and email address -- which you have to confirm to get all the features.  You can then get into free text and video chat but if you want private then you need to buy a package of credits.  It did take a while for that confirmation email to appear in my inbox.

Signed up members can upload their own pic which performers, but nobody else, will be able to see.  It isn't cam2cam, and they don't seem to have that, but if you want to introduce yourself visually then it's something I suppose.

If you don't signup but just keep hitting the Cancel button every time it prompts you can still stay in video but you can't type.  So it does make sense to do that free signup.

It works out to €5 (five Euros) a minute for private and about €4 for group chat, if you buy in bulk you also get a small extra amount of group chat credits.   Pay via MasterCard/Visa -- but also CartBleue, EuroCard or Maestro.  Your statement will show "Vcom or Perfect Pay or Ecom-Informatique or Mobiquid" as the billing company. 

Whenever I went into chat I saw conversation going on in French so I didn't get very far - Je ne parle pas français....  I even saw one host who didn't speak French having problems with lots of French customers.  You'll also find plenty of Spanish speaking hosts.


A few attempts to do something new include an RSS feed of who is online now, so you can see that all the time in your blog raeder -- and a "Google Gadget" so you can see the same in iGoogle.

Signing up as a host is pretty normal process -- send in the signed 5 page agreement and complete the forms with ID.   There is a flat payment rate of €1.25/minute for each minute of private show -- yes they quote in Euro.  There is a 100 Euro minimum and a 10% hold back for 6 months.

If you are in Quebec and want to work in a studio you probably already know about them, but if not then check out the site for their studio nightvisionstudios.com -- French only.

If you have any more information about JuicyNetwork, please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks.

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