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RussianAngle at ImLive not only is very polite but has great nails

imLive adult webcam chat review: Similar to imLive ImLivealso called iamlive sometimes, is very similar to ifriends, like that site they have chat on all kinds of topics, with one corner of the site for “adult” stuff.  Guess which part has the most traffic!  Imlive continues to grow and is now larger than ifriends was at it’s peak and is up there with livejasminand myfreecams from a pure size perspective.

imlive  has regular girls, not just pro-models, the way you know that is when there is a simple way for girls to sign-up with their webcams, then you know it is a place for the real amateur exhibitionists.

Imlive Technology

Previously the technology used was activeX controls, which a lot of people don’t like for security concerns, but now it uses Flash which is perfect safe, and the video quality and window size is improved.  There is also now a “supersize” view which is pretty much full screen and very nicely puts the text chat into a resizable translucent window which you can move around the screen to avoid it getting in the way of the “view”.

Regular vs SuperSize views on Imlive Video Chat


Video quality controls for camgirls

The chat window allows you to not only have small/medium/large video but also to zoom and even adjust brightness and contrast which is great for those hosts who maybe don’t have great cams or lighting.

imLive has ‘Happy Hour’ which gives the chat hosts a flat-rate payment, and low costs for viewers ($1.48/minute since Mar 04 and is still the same in Jan 2013). 

They also provide CamtoCam.  If you have a webcam you can simply turn it on and the chathost can see you.  The old site “ifriends” had the same feature but you had to be a VIP member.  If you fill in your viewer profile/bio page, which may include a pic, then the host will see it if you go into private and you can let them know in advance your likes and basic info.

Buy Tokens with Card or Cryptocurrency

You can buy tokens to spend here using a variety of ways. Credit cards are accepted of course but you can also pay with Cryptocurrency, it doesn’t accept the Bitcoin payments that most cam girl sites do, but you can use a specific one called PumaPay instead.

Get full details on the PumaPay options here.

Camgirl fan clubs at Imlive

If you have a favorite girl then you may as well join her fan club.  This will give you more discount and free imliv Happy Hour Credit.   Fan clubs cost $16 for a month or $30 for two months, and the girl gets 40% of that.

If you are tired of seeing the same chathosts in the same site then checked out their new chathosts list, and the new ones are required to only charge for $0.98 a minute.

There are prerecorded videos too if you want to watch a girl who is not online, but that rather defeats the object of live chat doesn’t it?  Still, it can be worth it to take a peek at a girl who isn’t around but who really appeals.

The following is a snapshot on 14 Jun 2010 showing the categories and how many cam girls, gay guys on cam and shemales online:

You can also narrow your search by choosing one of the following.  I often go for the Happy Hour.  It’s only $1.48 a minute and there are high ranking Hall of Fame girls in Happy Hour section too.

  Top Hosts   Happy Hour (Discounted) (7)   Hall Of Fame & Award Winners (29)   Top Fan Clubs (139)   5 Stars (36)
  Teen (33)   20-24(100)   25-29 (31)   30-39 (19)   Mature (14)
  Petite (28)   Slender (67)   Curvy (76)   Healthy (12)   BBW (8)
  Caucasian (95)   Black (8)   Hispanic (18)   Asian (23)
  Small (12)   Medium (117)   Big (44)   Huge (24)
Hair Color
  Black (74)   Brown (36)   Blond (53)   Red (29)   Auburn (4)   Gray (1)

Remote control sex toys

At one point they had support for a remote-controlled sex toy: the Sinulator.  However, I have not seen that in use in years.  Today it would make more sense to go to if you want to remote control a sex toy, or fucking machine, with a webcam chat.

They have support for the sinulator — the remote control sex toy.    Of course not a lot of girls have got the actual hardware but those that do can be found under:

Members – Sexual Stress-Relief Hosts – Live VideoChat Hosts – Hosts with Sinulators.  As you browse through them you’ll also see an Icon:Host uses Sinulator

When I looked there 16 girls in that section, not a lot but more than I expected.  I’ve also been told that the payout you get is lower — in theory to pay the Sinulator fees, but if you calculate it then imlive are making some bigger profits here.

Pretty much every weekend, runs thematic parties like Easter party or even Father’s day party.  Girls are required to dress in the theme when they are in the chatroom.  It’s very different from Amsterdamlivexxx’s party when there are real partying parties. (You can see the video clips ofAmsterdamlivexxx’s parties here).

Tipping camgirls at Imlive

Viewers can tip hosts, but of course, the hosts only get 35% of the tip.  At the end of a video chat session, after the service quality survey,  you are also prompted to give the host a tip.  Because a lot of hosts don’t like the idea of not getting the whole tip it is an option for them to disable tipping, and indeed many seem to turn it off.

As a host you don’t get paid as much as on Camcontacts, the imliv payout is only 40% and how much you can charge is restricted according to your “seniority” — which is a combination of how many hours you have worked and what ratings you get.  Actually I heard that now they have dropped this to 35%, so some of the girls are not so happy and are moving on to other sites.  Sinulator sessions are only 25%.  Update 21 Jan 2013 – it is now 30% unless you are a veteran, celebrity porn star or in the hall of fame in which case you get 35%.

Camgirl ratings

Basically, if you are new, or getting bad ratings, then you can only charge a little.  But as you get more senior you can charge more.

Although I can understand the reasoning it seems a little unfair to someone who is experienced already (at another site) and I’m sure will put off some models who know what they are doing but don’t want to work through that initial period before they can start charging regular rates.

You can increase your payout to 55% by creating your own web pages on imlive, similar to how you can create your own pages at ifriends, and on the traffic via those pages you get 55%. 

Imlive Happy Hour

The Happy Hour promotion thing is not so great from the hosts perspective.   When you get pushed forward into that promotional area you only get a flat fee of $7.5 for most girls and $15 for veteran, celebrity porn star or in the hall of fame hosts for the whole hour, regardless of how many minutes you did.  Of course, you will have the maximum of 3 guests in your room at all times because it’s a promotion — so that’s a chance to show yourself to those guys and win them over as regular fans rather than to earn much during the hour.

Only hosts who are earning at least $20 or so a day are even eligible to get into Happy Hour — Imlive sees it as a “benefit” to the host; a special promotion for them — and only provides it to girls who are actually doing business.

Never seen any guy hosts in this area, only girls.

They have recently started to branch out into new promotions, including some more non-adult areas for “Fun and Friends”.  At the same time they’ve also introduced their screen savers  you can run (well, if you have Windows) showing either a particular category of girls online or one particular host (selected from a limited list).  Worth a try if you don’t mind installing more software!

Notes about the international version

5 languages are covered: Italian, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese.  if you want those languages then also remember there is FrancoDirect for French, Hispanolive for Spanish and TempoDeAntena for Portuguese.

This will open to customers 5 Sept 2005, but meanwhile hosts are being asked to get ready.

You can NOT use English on this site, it really really is for the specific languages.

Hosts and studios have to sign up separately for this, it looks like these are entirely different back ends for the international and the original English version of imlive.  Hosts, to join, go to the Member’s Page at and click the sign-up link at the head of the page. You can join one or more of the sites. Each of the international language sites is independent: Chat is separate, the login is separate, the billing and payment are in Euros, you will receive a separate check – it will be just like working with 2 different sites.

As of March 2009 they are doing promotions in German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Hindi, Punjabi, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.  I presume that means they have a user interface any hosts who speak those languages.

Porn star chats

In 2007 they have started to do Porn Star Chats — these are group chats with a famous star, which anybody who is an imlive member can attend without additional charge.   This is similar in concept to what Flirt4Free used to do.  Detailed celebrity show schedule here.

Other new features in 2007

Better together — view two chathosts at the same time

Keyhole — be a peeping Tom and peek in on chats without being a part of it — $3/minute

Host blogs — yes most are full of the same old badly typed hype; but it has potential if a host wanted to involve viewers more.

Pro for Exhibitionists

Busy site with lots of viewers

Con for Exhibitionists

Only 35% payout, and imlive get to decide on how much you can charge a minute.

Pro for Voyeurs:

Real amateurs, low rates newbies.  ‘Happy hour’ is my favorite because you can get good stuff for less.  Quite often you can see award-winning chathosts doing ‘happy hour’ chat.

Con for Voyeurs:

Yeah its a pay site.  


 Archived imlive girls pictures click here  


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