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I usually don't review sites which are aggregators of other real webcam site feeds, as there isn't really anything new to say about a page full of girls from other sites, but in the case of GoWebcams.com they have managed to make it interesting, and useful, enough that I can see why you might really find it useful in itself.

GoWebcams search and browseBasically the idea comes down to the idea that the girls you might be interested in are spread across a number of different webcam sites, and finding them shouldn't involve manually browsing through all of them.  Instead GoWebcams gives you a single search interface for webcam girls that shows and allows you to filter and search for girls on multiple sites.

So for example you want to see only BBW Asians, well set those filters on GoWebcams and you see all the BBW Asians across the different websites that GoWebcams works with.  And then, here is the key part they are emphasizing, you get to see the prices right there beside the thumbnail and you can  make your decision based on price as well as who is online.

This gets really interesting of course when it turns out the same girl is online at more than webcam site at a time.  Splitcams are the norm these days particularly if you are working smaller sites, but sometimes so even for larger sites.  So say a chathost is doing splitcam between two sites, and the price per minute is different on the two sites then you can select the one with a lower price.

That presumes you have an account on the two sites, and that is likely as - and here we come to the weak point of gowebcams.com, the chatrooms on show are only from two different sites; streamate and livejasmin.  So while this idea is great in principle it is currently very limited because of this.  Still the site is very new and I'm sure they'll be adding new webcam sites into the mix at which time it will become very useful.

What some chathosts may not like of course is that this makes it pretty easy to find you on another site, particularly if you are using the same stage name (which I always recommend, it's your branding!) but even if not if you are using the same description of yourself then when you are found by filtering on Age/Ethnicity etc it is likely that all your profiles are going to be shown together.

Particularly as the gowebcams.com database seems to include not only currently online, but also previously online chatrooms, that means finding you on another site just became easier.

So bottom line is Good for Viewers but questionable for chathosts, unless they are hoping their regulars will find them when they change site, and bad webcam sites who are not offering a good price.

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