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This site is dead as is the software that it was the demo for

GirlTime /

Girltime was the demo site for FireCrackerVideo -- one of the original developers of webcam chat software.  After being online for 10 years it's rather strange that they are not larger or more famous -- you could either see that as a failure to grow, or a deliberate decision to be "exclusive".  The latter is certainly how they present it.

 There is free video and text chat even without registering but you have to be a member to get cam2cam.  Yes, two way cam is even available in free chat.

Girltime free video chatOld Girltime free video chat.

There are a few guys in chat most of the time, unfortunately I saw mostly the usual beggars but that's what you get for offering free chat these days.

It's an easy site to navigate, the strange pink and green colors they used to use are now gone and it is now much more readable.

New much more readable colors.

I didn't get very far in reviewing this site before I came up against a message saying that I was visiting from a blocked country.  Seems they are very selective so if you're in one of the US, Canada or Western European then you're probably ok but the rest of us apparently are too much of a security risk.

You buy credits as part of a monthly membership package. so the basic package is "$25 - One month membership with twenty five dollars of cam girlprivate video access."  So presumably after one month it would expire if unused.

From a hosts perspective it is pretty selective, they do not take the large studios that have girls working multiple sites.  You have to be exclusive to girltime if you want to work there.  In exchange for that you do get some guaranteed base pay, but there are a lot of rules to abide by.  Although ultimately reasonable it does feel a bit restrictive compared to working for most sites.

They do have an active forum where hosts and members chat about what's going on at the site.  There is also a good long help page on how to be a successful cam model -- and it certainly shows that they are focused on the type of camming where you build a long term online relationship with a viewer, with plenty of time spent just chatting and getting to know one another.  This is not a quick jerk-off type of site.

As a host that means you DO have to invest the time to be online regularly and over a long enough period that you start to build up a regular group of fans.

Payout is 50% with extra - up to 75% - if you spend long hours online on a regular basis.

Girls can post videos -- there are competitions sometimes -- and have their own blog posts as well.  Some of the hosts blogs are pretty active and this will certainly help to maintain their reputation and keep their fans.  Of course it is a lot of work to keep up to date but people who like writing will find it fun as well.

Given the style of the site I think that blogging and participation in the forums would be really very important to build up the fan base.  Of course there is the question as to why one doesn't go independent with your own web site if you have what it takes to blog regularly, create your own videos and galleries and so on.

I suppose provides a halfway point between the more typical camsites (LiveJasmin, camcontacts etc) where customers just come to you and being independent.

If you have any more information about girltime, please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks.


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