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Desire2cam does not follow the mainstream, and so a few of their choices may strike you as odd if you are familiar with more "typical" sites like imlive or camcontacts, but that doesn't mean it's bad - indeed on the whole it is good, or at least interesting.

Despite a "2003" copyright notice on their pages I think Desire2Cam is actually not that old -- it really hit the scene late 2005 though that makes it reasonably established now. 

Despite that they still don't have a lot of hosts available online -- something which is not obvious until you create your free account; as a guest on the site who is not logged in you can't tell which cams are online and which are offline.  Once you are registered though only the online hosts have clickable names, the others do not though you can still click a tiny icon ("") to view their profile or any videos they have available.

barbygirl at desire2camChoosing a random chat live webcam you get a video window like the one here.  Clear and bright, but small and without audio.  If you choose to go into private but don't have any credits they will prompt you with some promotions such as "Buy $20.00 now and get $5.00 free! Promo code FVD11/05"

They are actually quite big on promotions and I pretty regularly receive emails from them with promo codes for a few minutes of time.  Not sure if I were buying time regularly would they still give me those, obviously they are intended to get me to visit the site and see what is going on which is ok.

None of the hosts I saw online were doing free chat, they were all private only.  But when you go in you can still see their text chat and are prompted with the price they are charging, here are the four I saw at one time:

  • SunnyJenny Cam: $2.01
  • Just4you19 Cam: $2.01
  • Malina19 Cam: $2.01 | Cam2Cam: +$0.10
  • NakedFun Cam: $2.01 | Cam2Cam: +$0.20

Notice that the last two are offering cam2cam, but at extra cost.  I don't recall any other site where cam2cam is extra -- given that it is no extra effort on the part of the host (I think most of them just minimize that window and ignore it!) it seems strange.

As I said before you basically see nothing until you join, even clicking on a thumbnail doesn't bring you to a bio -- but to a Please Register page which wants a username and email address and a few other details like age.  Interestingly if you go and read their Terms and Conditions (which nobody reads normally, but you have to tick "Agree" anyway as usual) you'll find that a large range of geographies are denied access to the site.  As well as parts of the US several whole countries are excluded -- Afghanistan I can perhaps understand, but Germany and Japan?  Well all the more customers for the German sites (PrivateFuck, Visit-X etc) and the Japanese (DxLive et al).

So, presuming you get past this stage then you are in -- and to another page of "rules" which you have to agree to.  Only these are written in English rather than legalese and are pretty sensible points, e.g. be polite to the girls, no begging and so on.  It's at this point you are told you have just been emailed a $5 coupon, and you get 10 minutes of "free chat", but when that expires you're going to have to buy credits to be entitled to go into free chat again.

"As a new member you get complementary 10 minutes of video chat. Once the first 10 minutes are up, you need to add money to your account. Please note that you WILL NOT be charged for using the free video chat after buying time. You will only be charged when you select to view the paid content such as private show, voyeur, or view videos. This way you can see and talk to any model any time for free. You can access your transaction report any time by clicking on the link “Transactions” under “MEMBERS” menu. "

There are several hundred hosts registered, but when I checked in on the site I found only four to 6 online.  That's a rather low percentage I think.

The page is simply to use and technically works very smoothly.  Click on a thumbnail and you are directly into free chat (remember you either need to fund your account to be permitted this after the first 10 minutes).

Desire2cam cams window

I've not seen this video software before, it's Flash based and perfectly ok.  As well as the now standard cam2cam functions it also permits "virtual group sex" where you have two girls from different physical locations come into the same video chat session -- everybody can see everybody else.  Sounds like fun and a next step up to the spread4u party chat feature.   Full screen is now available, as is a "click to touch" function where you click on the girls image to indicate where you want her to touch herself.  Saves on typing I suppose.

Outside the video area itself they also let the hosts write blog posts -- which you can only see if you have not just created an account but also validated your email.  It can be fun to see what the hosts are saying each day but of course a lot of them do not write anything very interesting but just the usual promo junk.

Going into private chat at desire2cam will of course cost monies, but how much you don't see until you are in free chat where a price is noted -- around $2/minute.  Cam2cam is extra though so as mentioned, as much as a dollar a minute more if you want your cams to be working both ways, though most hosts are charging just 10 cents or so.

Funding your account can be done via Visa, MasterCard, Discover or JCB.  For those of you in Germany, Austria and Netherlands you can also use Euro Debit.  Direct debit in Germany and E-Checks in the USA round out the payment methods available at desire2cams.

Desire2cam really want to keep your attention and are big on special offers and coupons.  Hosts can hand out coupons, you can get coupons  for making purchases -- for example this month "When you buy $80.00 you get $10.00 free".

More participation is also encouraged with the MemberReward program, basically this allows models to vote for you as a good customer (after a private session) and the points you gather are good for more private sessions?  This is a bit like the LiveJasmin "Top Member" idea.

Do watch out though because they have taken a leaf out the the airline Air Miles book and your credits, including the ones you bought with real cash, do expire.  They'll notify you by email so you have a chance to spend them, but don't think you can buy credit once then use it forever to be entitled to get into free chat.  no,  you'll have to buy at least once every 30 days, and use up those credits within 90 days to avoid loosing them.

You can avoid some of these problems by getting VIP membership, which seems to be free at the moment.  "Your Credit Card will be charged:$0.00" it says.  Then a footnote says there is a $0.90 fee, but that is not bad.

Lastly, if you are a webmaster type you may want to take a look at their code -- it's an interesting mixture of DHTML and Flash that works pretty nicely.  Smooth page transitions, a custom right-click menu and more.  There are a few small bugs though, it told me off once "Warning! - You have opened more than one session" which I did not. 

On the site itself I can't find though is any details on the terms for hosts or studios.  There are links for you to sign up, but no details.  In my forum a representative stated "models get betwin 40%. studios between 40 and 50% it depends on how many models. pay out bi weekly."  I think it would be nice if this was stated on the site though.

If you have any more information about desire2cam please drop me a note in the cams forum, thanks.

Good for Exhibitionists

No information

Con for Exhibitionists

No information

Pro for Voyeurs

Cheap, nice interface

Con for Voyeurs

Not a lot of hosts


11 Jan 08: Site is still going so I presume the payment issues are fixed, their copyright notice now says 2008 too which presumably means someone is paying attention!  They have a new feature called "desire2touch" where you click on the screen to say where you want the host to touch herself.  Nice idea!

10 Mar 07: Received one more complaint about non payment from this company.  Traffic is also way down and I see no models online. At the moment I cannot put them in my recommended list.  Proceed with caution.

7 Nov 06: I was told they had some issues with their bank so are having trouble paying people.  As always with any business take due care and don't let your exposure be more than you can afford to loose.  Hopefully they will have things straightened out soonest.  If you have more info, let me know in the forum.



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