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Rated as 3 out of 5 - Full of potential and a few great hosts, but expensive and still small
General Review For Models


At we have another new site, this one just a month old as I first look at it. Like all new sites it is slow but they seem to have a good foundation and so I'm taking a quick look them now and hoping to check them out in a few months and find some growth.

The site design is clean and simple, loading quickly and being easy to navigate. Various filters by ethnic group, geographical region and rating seem useful but are not yet very meaningful when there are only a handful of hosts online. So far I've not actually seen more than two online at once, and most of the time it is none or one. As they are recruiting via twitter you may recognize some of the well known faces from other sites which have a twitter presence.

Although you are able to go into free chat without any registration you'll be a "Guest1234" etc in chat and that's not a great way to get attention so this site really does need to go through the free registration, which is a pretty simple username, email and password style registration. You will need to confirm the registration by clicking on a validation link in an email.  The email comes From: with a subject " - Account Activation" and for me arrived instantly.

The email not only has a validation link but also includes a support link which goes to the web site of the parent company, AG Entertainment.  The site has a small number of clear documents that do explain the rules, both for viewers and for models.  It looks as though it has all been thought out in advance which is a good sign.

Once you have registered your account you get a user control panel where you can set up your profile if you want, but I'm sure most viewers don't do more than give a username. Return to the main part of the site to go into free chat or to buy tokens for tipping or privates.

Yes this site does support tipping, and flashes for tips, but their rules imply they are trying to avoid the MFC style shows-for-tips in free chat. So no penetration, masturbation or anything which would really be a "show" is allowed in free. Keep those for privates is the idea, we'll see how that goes now though as today's world is a lot different and the expectations of a viewer based conditioned by MFC and Chatubate to expect shows for tips, or indeed shows for free.

When you want to get some tokens you can do so via either CCBill or Epoch, two third party billers who accept the usual credit cards. Charging is in $ and starts at $15 for 60 tokens, that's 25 cents each, or $70 for 280.  Strangely no discount for bulk buying despite the fact that the support website does say "Tokens are sold in packages at various price points; the bigger the package, the more you save."  I asked and they said the support website was incorrect, there are no discounts for bulk which I think is a pity.

Pricing seems to be fixed at the moment, it's 20 tokens a minute for Private, 12 for Voyeur and 8 for group chats with 3 or more.   With privates at 20 tokens a minute, that's $5/minute.  A pretty high price when you consider that many other sites today are offering privates shows for around a dollar a minute.  Still, there are other high price sites such as Flirt4Free that do perfectly well at this price level.

I only spoke to three different models, but all were friendly and open with speaking to their guests, even the lame unregistered ones with the stupid questions. Cum4mebaby in particular has the absolute patience of an saint to put up with it yet still maintain her sweet, but saucy, southern bell demeanor.  Both managed that really smooth kind of chat where they respond verbally to typed.  Together with her sweet voice and cheerful manner it made for very hospitable chat room.  Sadly however I saw no tipping and no privates at all, so though it was great for a the free viewer I'm not sure how long she'll put with "working" here.

Another host from Eastern Europe, but not a studio girl, clearly an at-home model, was a bit shyer but frankly with the small number of viewers I can see it being hard to keep interest going. Like many others she is an MFC model trying out a new site so I'm sure if they don't have some success here they will not stick around.

Video supports small, medium, "fit browser" and full screen modes.  Unfortunately the full screen, which is clear and has simple controls easily available, does not include a space to type.  So unlike imlive, to pick one example, you can't have a screen filling video and also type.  There is a prominent TIP button beside the Group and Private ones though.  And also Prev/Next buttons that of course are of little use when there is only one host online.

If you choose tip then there are big buttons with pre-set amounts from 12 to 400 tokens, but you can enter any number you want into the Custom tip field.  A comment box and a option for Anonymous complete the tipping options. It is not clear to me of anonymous just means that other chatters in the room can't see it was you who tipped, or does it mean that even the host can't see it?

Another interesting feature is that it claims to be able to translate what you type.  So for example if you want to type in Spanish you can do so and the system translates into the language of the host. It didn't work when I tried it though, and they say they will fix it, and we all know how about bad machine translations are, particularly for casual ungrammatical writing.  But despite my efforts I could not make the translator work, so maybe it doesn't matter. Anyway the hosts all seem to speak English and indeed they chat verbally with visitors.

In chat I noticed a weird thing is that the backspace key doesn't just delete one character at a time, but whole words. I guess someone thinks that is a labor saving idea, but it just annoyed me. I guess it depends on how much typing you do. At first I didn't believe it as it is such a strange thing to program into a chat window, but I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining it.

Camflare has the regular things like favorites, to remember the models you like, pictures for sale, ratings, reviews from members and so on. All the normal things we take for granted these days at any webcam chat site. There is also a "top 10" models page, but this basically now just has the few models who are working listed on it.

Pictures and videos for sale are listed on model bio pages, but the videos also get listed on a main page of their own. I saw at least one video which was free, I suppose the model considers it a promo, but most are charged with hardcore 10 minute at about 40 tokens or $10.  Each video has a very brief preview available.

As the site has recently closed, or at least converted into a streamate white label, many of the ex-hosts there are packing up and moving over to camflare.  So if you are a fan of an model and they didn't transition to Streamate, then check camflare too.

So in conclusion I'd say this is an interesting site to check out because the hosts they have online there are nice, but sadly with such a small choice and often times with no hosts it won't be a regular destination for now.  Hopefully the influx of models may help that.

If you'd like to comment more on please post a message in the forum.  Thanks.

For Models:

Like any new site they are pretty desperate for new models, but unlike most they are not interested in dealing with studios. Therefore this is a good site for individuals models and chathosts as there is no competition from studio girls.  For all tokens earned by the model, the model is paid USD$0.15 per token ("Fifteen Cents").  So as the token costs 25 cents that means the payout for models is 60%, a very good rate indeed, but given that it is so high you have to also wonder if the site is saving enough for promotions to get necessary traffic. Only with enough traffic will there be customers, and 60% of nothing is still nothing so ultimately there has to be a balance to ensure enough viewers as well as a fair share for hosts.

As well as on twitter they have been advertising on various online ad spaces including,

Payments are sent out three times a month, seven days after the end of each period.  The three times a month is a very unusual schedule and I'm sure will be popular with some. Though I wonder how they'll manage to keep it up.  They absorb "most" (their word) chargebacks which sounds good but doesn't mean too much until you find out which ones are absorbed and which are not.

They can pay out via Check, for free, Wire ($30 fee and $1,000 minimum) while they are also promising Paxum, Payoneer, Payza, and OKPay "Soon".

One unusual requirement to work at Camflare is that you must do audio, as in have a mic and have it turned on. They don't insist you speak, but there must be audio. I think that's interesting and given that every one I've seen so far has been using audio effectively I think that in practice anybody who didn't want to verbally chat would not have a good experience here.

A big advantage to ex MFC hosts is no camscore. So you can hang out in free a long time without tips and don't end up with a low camscore.  So you don't have to be so pushy about getting tips in order to maintain your score, at least that's the idea and thats what some hosts have said to me.


Summary of review for
Number of girls online 1 Sometimes none at all
Number of guys online 0 Girls only, don't see any guys at all
Typical price for a show per minute 5.00 That's a fixed cost and though there is group available it never seems to happen



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