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Post by Hony » Tue May 15, 2012 11:23 am


Post by JuanViewer » Wed May 16, 2012 9:28 am

That looks fantastic, thank you for giving us the good information on that. I am looking forward to visiting more Spanish rooms. The sounds is working well for me.


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Post by Abigail » Wed May 23, 2012 10:22 am

It has taken them a week to just send me the email saying that they can take my application for an account. Really if they are going to respond that slow how can I work there? I mean what if there is a problem with payout or something I'm not gonna wait a week for a reply.
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Post by FatPig » Wed May 23, 2012 5:37 pm

You are very impatient. Not everybody online all time. Real business can be slow.
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Response from

Post by FreeCamStars » Tue May 29, 2012 10:57 am

Hey, Marc here from THANKS for the great review. Not sure if you usually do affiliate links on your reviews, but if so hit me up on marc AT freecamstars dot com and I'll set you up w/ an account.

Now, a few points of feedback:

"I've been told their site is not 100% ready to go, lots of features are still under development"

We're 100% live but certainly growth and new functionality is ongoing. Heh a site is never "done". We're adding new cool stuff every week.

"What I did not get however was the promised free tokens with my free signup, instead when I clicked through I saw "The email validation free token offer has been used before on your ip address. No free tokens were given." which is pretty strange given that I was on a dynamic IP at the time and hadn't signed up before."

Bummer. Down side to dynamic IP's. If someone else has signed up and cashed in on that same IP then you'd get that message. Still, that's a long shot so I'll do some more testing w/ programming team. Also will talk w/ them about making it cookie based instead. That should eliminate the problem. Did you happen to contact support about the issue?

"In one of the rooms I noticed that one of the chatters had a dollar symbol beside their name, it isn't tippers or those with money or the highest tipper; I can't see an explanation."

Heh, we just took that live yesterday. But yeah, will be adding an explanation when you mouse over the icons soon.

" I wasn't able to open multiple chat tabs, which I guess is deliberate"

It's a downside to something we did to make the navigation better. Most nav elements instead of reloading the entire page just reload part of it in ajax. But you can right click on models View Cam links next to their thumbs and open in a new tab to get multiple cams going at once. Just keep in mind how much bandwidth you have available.

"One problem I had was that the audio was badly distorted,"

I'm betting you adjusted the volume slider. Leave it all the way up. LAME bug on Flash Player. We've researched the hell out of it. Adobe is not only aware of it but they posted that they've fixed it in the next version. Just waiting on them to release the new version!!

Split Cams:

Yes, lots do split cam, it's a way for the studios to increase their revenue. But we do actively monitor the girls and if they ignore our members they get the ban hammer ;) As the site's traffic grows we get more models broadcasting only w/ us :))

"On the model side as a new site some may consider it risky, but it looks pretty stable at this point"

New site, OLD company. We've been doing dating sites and pay sites for over 10 years. Well funded and profitable :))

"You can also earn by selling videos and photo shoots on the site, though I think most hosts use those and rewards for people who tip."

Actually that's not right. Yes models do thank you video emails but they're making a boatload off selling vids. It's a great feature b/c they can make money even when they're not broadcasting. We're adding the functionality now where the models can choose to automatically have their private chats posted up as videos for sale. Cool thing is when that happens the members in the private chat are automatically emailed. "Like the show you just saw? Click HERE to buy it!"

"Payments are via Wire Transfer, ACH Direct Deposit, Check, or Paxum. But there is a minimum payment amount is $100 ."

Hmm, that's not actuall accurate. I sent over some $30 paxum payments to accounting yesterday. Where'd you see that?

"for your first week they are going to make you a guaranteed $200 payment"

One important thing: if you make more than the minimum guarantee on tokens of course we'll pay you the higher number :))

So yeah, THANKS for the great review and please do hit me up regarding where you saw that incorrect minimum payout info and if you want affiliate links :))


Response to Abigail

Post by FreeCamStars » Tue May 29, 2012 10:58 am

Abigail, can you email me marc AT freecamstars DOT com the email addy you used on your application. In NO WAY should it take more than 24 hours for you to get a response. Will need to see what went wrong.

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Post by Hony » Wed May 30, 2012 9:22 am

Thanks for updating us on those things, I'll be sure to revisit my review regarding the items you mentioned.

As for the $100 minimum, that's what it says on your website:
Get paid weekly via Wire Transfer, ACH Direct Deposit, Check, or Paxum. Minimum payment amount is $100.


minimum payouts

Post by FreeCamStars » Thu May 31, 2012 1:16 am

Yeah, found it on the model signup page. You're right. Tasking to get that changed b/c not only is it wrong, but doesn't show all the newer methods of payment. Here's the updated info:

Check By Postal
Minimum payout: $50

Paxum / Payoneer / RedPass
Minimum payout: $50

Direct Deposit (ACH)
Minimum payout: $50

USA Bank Wire Transfer
Cost: $25
Minimum payout: $250

International Bank Wire Transfer
Cost: $45
Minimum payout: $500

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