Question: Where can I use BTC to pay a camgirl?

Answer: You have two choices, find independent camgirls who have a BTC wallet and accept it directly, or find a camgirl site that uses “tokens” that you can purchase using your BTC.

Let’s break down those two options.

Option one: Finding independent camgirls who accept BTC directly involves a bit more effort and research on your part. You’ll need to find these performers through various platforms or forums where they advertise their services.

Generally, X, previously Twitter, is the place to find crypto camgirls. Only very few of them will accept Bitcoin directly, but there are a few cypto-bros, or “crypto-sisters” out there. If you see a wallet address in the bio then you are golden. Girls who post in Reddit may also accept BTC, it is quite a high tech and modern gang there. But most Reddit girls are only selling content, pics and vids, and not live shows.

Previously some pro-crypto camgirls who didn’t want to handle it too directly would use SpankPay, but sadly they closed down their service.

Here are some camgirls who are into crypto, and who you can offer your BTC directly.

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Keep in mind that dealing directly with independent performers also means you’ll be responsible for handling the transaction yourself, which could include additional fees and security concerns.

Option two: Choosing a camgirl site that accepts BTC to buy their “tokens” is much easier. These sites typically have well-established security measures in place to protect your transactions, and you can often purchase tokens using various cryptocurrencies, not just BTC.

Top sites such as Stripchat and Chaturbate will accept BTC directly, give you tokens on that cam site, then you can pay the girls with tips or private shows.

Doing it like this, using the camsite internal tokens, also offer additional benefits, such as discounts or special features for token holders. For example, Chaturbate lets models set their room to only allow people with tokens to chat. This means a more focused chat room and not so many annoying beggars.

Let me know if you which choice worked out best for you!