Question: l got private messages from two people, could the second person have been a moderator?

Answer: Possibly, but a moderator is nothing to worry about

At Chaturbate the chat is normally between the viewer and the broadcaster, and in a busy room fans of the model will chat among themselves. But there are also “moderators”, who are normally long-term fans of the model who she has granted this “moderator right” so they can help to keep order in a busy chat room.

That is particularly relevant when her hands may be busy, hopefully doing something fun, and so she doesn’t have a free hand to click “ban” on people who are breaking her rules. A moderator may send a message in such situations, identifying themselves with a badge or a specific color in the chat room, and using a clear moderator label in their username. They have the authority to enforce the rules and maintain a positive chat environment.

A moderator is not an “administrator”, and while you may sometimes see administrator messages they will not appear in the regular chat window. What’s the difference between a Chaturbate moderator and an administrator?

  • A Chaturbate moderator is a user granted permission to manage and enforce chat rules in a specific room. They can remove messages, ban users, and issue timeouts.
  • Administrators, on the other hand, have site-wide authority and manage technical issues, user reports, and account-related matters.

Moderator messages are typically labeled with a specific color, it is red on Chaturbate, while administrator messages do not appear in the regular chat window.

Never give anybody, even if they are a moderator or even an administrator, your password or any private information about yourself!

I hope that answers your question about identifying moderator messages on Chaturbate.

Let me know in the comments if you need more clarification!