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February 2005 Adult Webcam News

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28 Feb: I noticed over at SecretFriends that they are now inviting offers from studio owners to work with them, still no way for individual models to work there though.  Seems as though they are looking to expand, too soon to see any difference but worth keeping an eye on.

24 Feb: Flirt 4 free invites everybody to vote for their favorite cam girl for the 'Flirt of the Year" award.  Click here to see the 12 Girl-of-the-month girls.

23 Feb: A helpful post in the forum made me re-examine the pricing at Spread4u.  Read my review where I clarify the costs, which can actually turn out very cheap.  Also look out for their $5 / 5 minute "trial" offer for private chat. [Read the review]

22 Feb: What webcam sites work for Mac users?  I don't have a Mac so can't test myself.  If you are a Mac user , please drop me a note in the forum or by email about which sites work for you.  Thanks!

19 Feb: Tonight Katie of Katie's World has a three hour streaming chat beginning at 9pm CST/10pm EST.  Unlike the chat sessions in sites like flirt4free Katie does not do hardcore or even full nudity, but she promises "the more that show, the more I show".  If you like cute-teen-tease then it's a very cheap option.

18 Feb: Everybody loves webcams, except perhaps the burglar caught on cam.

17 Feb: Imlive made an offer to hosts to encourage them to bring in more customers -- 55% of the take on viewers that the hosts themselves introduced to the site.  Of course what they didn't think of is that this would motivate hosts to ask their regular fans to "rejoin" under a new name, so that they would be "their viewer".  I'mlive management spotted this and issued a warning -- get caught and get kicked out.  So if anybody suggests this to you, either as a host or as a viewer -- bad idea, better say "no".

16 Feb: Flirt4Free are doing more Porn Star webcam chat shows; this time it's Tera Patrick and Alexis Amore, today starting at 5pm PT (8pm ET) and running for three hours.   That's a long cam show!  Group chat of course, and flirt4free vip members get it free.

15 Feb:  Delisting BikiniChat, HousewifeChat, MILFCams, WetTeenCam and XXXCams because they are no longer a separate company, just a front for ifriends/incrediblecams.  I understand the business closed and they sold the domains to webpower.

14 Feb: Happy Valentine's day everybody -- hope you are with someone special today, whether online or in real life!  News today from Spread4u / Stroke4u is introduction of restrictions on the chat "whisper" and the video zoom modes to logged in members only.  An attempt to keep down the bandwidth users from people who never go into private I suppose.  There is also a new "Voyeur Mode" that basically makes viewers invisible.  Not sure I'd like that as a chathost but I guess it appeals to the "real voyeur".  I've updated my review of spread4u with these changes.

13 Feb: Check out this new "men's entertainment" site HornDog.com.  Not exactly playboy but some fun stuff, worth a look.

10 Feb: Valentine's day is almost here and Camcontacts would like you to find your special person online, on webcam.  Read their Valentine's Day newsletter.  How realistic an idea is that?  I know that people do find their real life partners online at times but somehow I suspect it is exceedingly rare, though not impossible.  Let me know your thoughts in this poll in the forum (you have to register to vote).

2 Feb: Price hikes at Direct Sex and Cams At Home (the interclimax site), read about it in this forum post.  Where do you go for cheap cam chatCam contacts and I'm live continue to have good deals, though vary in pricing.