Like many cam sites BimBim, the off-shoot of LiveJasmin, runs a regular contest for models to get extra bonuses. Not only bragging points, but cash as well are available for the best models at BimBim.

Check out their “Top Models” section to see models who did the best in a range of different time periods. You can look back at the “Winners Of 2023” and see the seasonal contests like the Spring, Summer, Autumn (they call it that, not Fall) and the year end contest that runs from Dec through middle of Jan of the next year.

The winner of the final contest, ElizaBurset, received a $30,000 price so well worth doing!

Ther are also monthly, weekly and daily leaderboards that let you see who is hot right now. They are all fantastically beautiful of course, and all with professional glamour pictures that make them look fantastic.

Not all of them are doing live video though, and some are marked as “Available” but you have to message them to negotiate a call you might want to make. It is a lot like the “dating” at SecretFriends and other date sites in that regard.

If you care more about having a camgirl to talk to right now rather than making arrangements then you can always click that webcam icon and see who is broadcasting a live room right now.

You’ll find a wide variety of categories to suit your preferences, from solo performances to couples and “Hot Deal”. The site also offers filters to narrow down your search, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re into cosplay, roleplay, or just a casual chat, BimBim has something for everyone.

When I just checked in the top for this month were:

  1. ElizaBurset
  2. RossieMiler
  3. Kenzie
  4. Eva
  5. IrisDavis
  6. Dasha
  7. JasmineHille
  8. Daiana
  9. Malleya
  10. Lucine

Naturally this will vary over time as new models join and old cam girls perhaps move on to new site or new studios.

Want to see who is hot at BimBim right now? Check out their site: