Eplay is working on creating new features and keeping their site up to date with new features. They do a regular release of things they have added to the site, and for February there is a bunch of useful stuff.

Enhanced Personalization with Custom Livestream Previews

Leading the charge in ePlay’s latest feature rollout is the ability for creators to customize their livestream preview picture. It might seem a bit basic, but it wasn’t there before and now by adding it there is the choice to make ourselves look that little bit better, at least in profile views.

The idea is to increase visitors to rooms, but also to make it clear what sort of model you will find in each room.

When you broadcast at ePlay you can now set the perfect thumbnail directly from your streaming dashboard. The idea is to get more viewers, drawing them into the stream.

Stream Stats: Empowering Creators with Real-Time Data

Not everybody is a data and analytics geek like I am, but if you are not tracking how your stats then you need to start. ePlay have a new stats system that allows you to see much more about how your content and streams are going.

Look for real-time insights into the video quality, including resolution, bitrate, and frames per second of the live stream.

For viewers that means that you’ll end up with better video quality as models learn how to tweak or adjust their settings or hardware to get the best quality.

By providing this data directly on the Streaming Dashboard, ePlay gives creators more information and that can only lead to better quality long term.

Quality of Life Improvements: Bug Fixes and Enhancements

There are always bugs to squash in any software and ePlay is no exception. They mention that they have fixed a list of bugs with a few notable ones.

The automatic session renewal feature deals with reloads better.

Enhancements to the Cam2Cam functionality and chat room improvements, including a fix for the emote menu auto-scroll issue, make ePlay’s work better in a responsive manner. This is a focus due to community feedback, which is great to see the company being attentive to what both camgirls and viewers need.

The site is really going in the right direction and I’ll make some more effort to broadcast there myself in the coming days. Visit the site to see if my room is live, or to check out one of the other girls!

Don’t forget that ePlay are still offering 50 free tokens for every friend you invite who joins the service. That’s about $5 of value. Otherwise you can pay by card, or with Paypal.