One of the reasons to not become a cam girl is that once you have posted nude sex videos of yourself on a cam site there really isn’t any way to ensure that they get deleted if you would rather not have them seen.

Deleting videos, or deleting your account, doesn’t mean they go away. Somewhere someone has always got a copy.

That is why if people are concerned about whether or not they should become a camgirl (or a camboy) because it might be discovered in the future the answer is always, “No, don’t do it”.

Because you might want to have a public profile in society one day, and yes people are going to find out that you did camming back in the day.

Want to get into politics on day? Don’t be a camgirl today.

Want to get into politics one day? Don’t be a camgirl today.

Seems straightforward enough, and I’d still give this advice to anybody who asks.

But someone who hasn’t asked my advice and would have rejected it anyway is Viginian Susanna Gibson who is now running for office, and was at one time broadcasting at Chaturbate as “HotWifeExperience” as a couple together with her husband.

They haven’t been online for about a year now, and even when they were it doesn’t appear they were doing many shows or had many followers, but what little they did do was captured by some and has now come back to bite them.

Want to get into politics? Don’t be a camgirl, still solid advice.

On the other hand, can you imagine who sex workers are going to vote for if she comes up on their ballot form? There is nothing like voting for someone who understands your situation because they have been there themselves.

Will that swing the vote her way? Time will tell!