There are Pee Cams and there are Squirt Cams, but what’s the difference?

When you see a cam girl on your screen and she masturbates and cums, or at least looks like she is cumming, and suddenly everything is extremely wet and liquid is shooting everywhere. Is that Squirt or is that Pee?

What’s the difference anyway?

According to many reputable medical experts, there is a difference, though there is a connection as well and that is what makes it confusing.

Let’s start at the beginning and talk about what squirting is anyway, as we all know what pee or piss is and so that doesn’t need explaining.

According to doctors, squirting is where substances, or liquid, come from the vaginal area during sexual activity. Squirting refers to the release of a colorless, odorless fluid.

That last part is key to distinguishing pee from squirt. As someone who squirts very occasionally, I can say that is really a key difference, and convinced me that I wasn’t just accidentally wetting myself.

Pee smells bad. And old pee on your clothes are bed stinks really really badly.

But squirt smells of nothing, when fresh, or when dried.

Squirting is more than just getting very wet. Although all pussies make liquid when we get hot that is slippery and for most of us not really much quantity.

Pussy juice might be pretty to look at when it is all shiny and smooth but it isn’t enough to squirt across the room or get in your eye, or the camera!

Squirt can do that though.

So where does squirt come from? doctors have identified the ” Skene’s glands” as the source, and though it is connected to the bladder it isn’t part of the urinary system as such, but is next to the urethra.

The glands help to keep your urethra clean by releasing antimicrobial substances like zinc to prevent the growth of bacteria and stop UTIs.

But back to squirting as a spectator sport. If you are one of the many people who like to see cam girls squirt then you either need to seek out models who really can squirt easily, and after some practice, it is possible for performers to learn how to squirt on demand, or you find those who fake it with pee and just make it look good.

Do you prefer pure pee? Without the pretense of it being squirt? Then you have a bigger problem.

Although it seems that peeing should be easier to find, after all we all have to piss regularly during the day, there are reasons it is hard to find online.

If you like urophilia, a form of salirophilia, which is the technical term for liking pee or piss play, then you will know it isn’t socially acceptable.

Watching cam girls isn’t something that everybody agrees with though, so how come people can be uptight about pissing on live cam while thinking cam shows are ok on their own.

That isn’t clear to me but I guess it is all about the “dirtiness” of urinary products and the whole squeamishness that most of society has about things that are to do with waste products.

It might have made sense in historic times when hygiene and health were worries, but today everybody has access to modern medicine and we don’t go around with infections in our bladders.

Because of the concerns though a lot of cam sites ban peeing on cam, probably because they are afraid of legal implications of letting girls pee on their sites.

That leaves very few choices where you can watch cam girls pee. For the most part, Cam4 and MyDirtyHobby are your only good choices, though you can dig a bit more for some partially pee-friendly sites.

But if you want to watch squirting then you have a lot more choices.

Your best single choice would be Stripchat, but many sites have a good squirting section.