A lot of people want to know what cam girls earn, and that’s a tricky question. It’s like asking what doctors earn or what actors earn. It depends a lot. But one thing that models, both actual and potential models, think about is what percentage they will earn. There are plenty of discussions about which sites offer the best % pay rate. Viewers also, sometimes, take this into account when they consider how much money they are tipping a model. Knowing it turns into actual cash that their favorite camgirl can spend is important to many viewers.

Therefore when I saw a post in an adult business Facebook group saying that a site was offering “100%” to models, I had to investigate.

As I said:

You have to understand that cam girls are constantly being offered deals that are “too good to be true”. We tend to just ignore them as they are almost always a scam or a guy trying to get a free peek. That means announcements like yours, even if entirely honest, tend to get ignored. What can you say that will answer the obvious question? Like if the model gets 100% of the money, what is in it for you? Is that even possible? Credit card companies and payment processors take a %, it is hard to see how 100% could go to the model.

It turned into a discussion with the site operator where we both tried really hard to be civil and understand the other person’s perspective.

I Twitter polled to make sure I wasn’t seeing it strangely, just in case I was being too cynical.

Minnie echoed my own feelings of concern.

Well it turned out to be a matter of perspective. A “lets see how we can present this in the best way possible”.

After discussing with the guy, it had to be a guy, from the site advertising this it became clearer what he meant.

It wasn’t a scam, but more like “make things look better by presenting it from a particular perspective”.

If tokens are worth $0.05 to a model, and when you cash out you get all that value. Then they called that 100%.

Imagine if you have 1234 tokens and the rate is $0.05 then you get $61.70 because 1234 * 0.05 = 61.7, which means with no deductions.

They would like you to ignore what the customer paid for the tokens.

I’m going to make an effort here and say it is just “trying to make it look good”, not actually misleading.

Is that a justified way of looking at it? It certainly isn’t the normal way in the cam industry, and from that perspective I have to say “no”.

It’s like if I go to buy a car and they say this car costs $10,000, and I’m like great that’s fine. But then after I sign they say “oh of course that’s only the car, wheels are extra at $5K a piece”.

That is not how car pricing is normally done, you can’t just go and change the normal definitions in order to make your numbers look good!

Next time you ask “what do cam girls earn” then remember they earn just a percentage, maybe around 50% give or take, of the money that is spent on them.

Be generous with your tips, we have to pay rent too.